Lenalee Appearance
Lenalee as she first appears in the 2006 anime.

Who is Lenalee Lee?

Lenalee Lee  (リナリー・リー,Rinarī Rī) is one of the main characters in the fictional manga and anime series D.Gray-man, written by Japanese manga artist and author Katsura Hoshino. She is also an Exorcist and former assistant Branch Chief of the European Branch of the Black Order

Lenalee is the younger sister of Komui Lee, the Chief Officer of the Black Order. While she was introduced as another member of Marian Unit, she later transfers to Nine Unit under General Klaud Nine.

How Old is Lenalee Lee?

Lenalee is 16 years old at the start of the series and is currently 17 years old. While Lenalee appears around the same age as the series’ protagonist, Allen Walker, her age was revealed in the D.Gray-man Official Fanbook Gray Ark.

Lenalee Lee’s Appearance

Lenalee was first shown in the second episode of the 2006 anime – a slender young woman almost as tall as Allen Walker, with black hair in the manga and green in the anime. She also has black eyes in the manga, depicted as purple in the anime. In a manga omake for Volume 14, Cross Marian infers that Lenalee has a C cup chest size.

Lenalee Lee
Lenalee Lee’s first appearance in the manga and in the 2006 anime.

One of her defining features has been her hair, which has been described by a few characters in the series as beautiful. She usually wears it in two pigtails. Once, while she was fighting off a Level 3 Akuma on the sea, her long hair burned off and was left too short.

Lenalee Short Hair
Lenalee appears with short hair after her battle with Eshi

After the transfer of the Headquarters of the European Branch, her hair was shown slightly longer, now down to her chin. In the D.Gray-man Hallow anime, her hair is a little past shoulder length again. While she wears it in pigtails as with the 2006 anime, she appears to let her hair down untied in Hallow.

Lenalee hallow12
Lenalee’s appearance in D. Gray-man Hallow anime

As for her outfit, she usually wears the Black Order’s female uniform top which is a black jacket with long sleeves. This is often paired with shorts or mini skirts since her Innocence and her fighting techniques both use her entire legs.

During her earlier fights, her Innocence takes the form of high-cut boots, covering up her thighs, and later took the appearance of high heels. After her Innocence crystallized in its attempt to protect her, it fused into her in the form of permanent and cross-shaped scars on each ankle. These now form blood-red rings around the location of the scars when not in use and turns into high heel shoes when activated.

Also, Lenalee has her own golem which she mostly uses for communication. Her golem is black, like most golems, but has a vertically hexagonal form. It also has two black bat-like wings.

Lenalee Golem
Lenalee’s distinct golem as used in most of her missions.

Abilities and Skills

Lenalee has been noted to have abilities not common to other characters, even to her follow exorcists:

Above Average Physical Abilities – Even as a young woman 16 years of age, Lenalee has been noted to release a “good punch” by a couple of characters. Also, she is more fast and agile compared to an average person. This trait is further enhanced when her Dark Boots are activated.

Bilingualism – Lenalee has been shown so far to be fluent in at least two languages – English as their standard of communication and Chinese as she spoke with locals in Guangzhou to find their way and gather information.

Administrative Skills – She was formerly the Assistant Branch Chief to the European Branch of the Black Order. Lenalee was basically made to handle most of the paperwork supposedly done by the Branch Chief, her older brother.

Lenalee Lee Stat Sheet

The following are Lenalee Lee’s stats as previously disclosed in the D.Gray-man Official Fanbook Gray Ark and are updated in the Official Fanbook Gray Log. Extra Statistics have been added for Lenalee such as her Sixth Sense and Cuteness.

Statistics Previous Current
Sophistication 4 5
Humanity 5 5
Combat Ability 4 4.5
Mental 4 4
Flexibility 3 3.5
Extra Statistics
Sixth Sense 5
Cuteness 5

Lenalee Lee Innocence

Dark Boots (Level 1)

An equipment-type Anti-Akuma weapon which initially takes the form of thigh-length, high-cut boots. When invoked, the part of the boots above her knees start to unwrap and green hexagonal marks glow and runs to her knees. A green energy also appears to flow freely from her ankles. Her Innocence greatly augments her already impressive strength and agility. It allows her to jump great heights and distances and land on her feet without sustaining damage. Moreover, she uses her Innocence to deliver strong kicks which easily eliminates Level 1 Akuma.

Lenalee Lee dark Boots L1
Lenalee Lee invokes her Dark Boots to save Allen from Komurin.

Waltz Mist Wind – Lenalee conjures tornadoes from the sheer force of her Innocence-augmented kicks. She can use the pressure from the tornadoes to push and shred enemies as well as to provide cover for allies as she did with Allen during the Rewinding Time arc. It was shown that Level 1 Akuma are instantly destroyed while Level 2 Akuma can not resist the winds and sustain damages. After her Innocence crystallized, this technique can also affect Level 3 Akuma.

Lenalee Lee Waltzwind
Lenalee Lee uses the Waltz of the Mist Wind and conjures tornados.

Dark Boots Level Two

Due to the increased synchronization between Lenalee and her Innocence, she can further enhance her abilities beyond the first level of her Dark Boots. Metallic plates with crosses on them now replace the green ribbon of energy from her boots. The Dark Boots also grant her a black knee pad and thigh strap upon use. The strength and speed she gains allows her to fight on equal footing against a Level 3 Akuma.

Lenalee lee Dark Boots L2
Lenalee Lee’s Dark Boots Level Two.

Burden, Acoustic Technique: Sound Shackles – Lenalee can interact with sound waves, using them as platforms to allow her to move at supersonic speeds.

Lenalee Lee Sound Shackles
Lenalee Lee prepares for acceleration after using the Sound Shackles.

Burden, Water Surface Technique: Water Shackles – Lenalee can interact with surfaces of liquids, allowing her to walk and move above bodies of water.

Lenalee Lee Water Shackles
Lenalee Lands on top of the ocean after using the Water Shackles.

Falling Technique: Iron Shackles – Once invoked, Lenalee focuses her power into her Dark Boots, covering herself in a shell of twisting blades. This, used together with Eshii’s gravity shackles, further increased her weight and therefore, the force of her attack which was said to be equivalent to a meteor impact.

Lenalee Lee Iron shackles
A mass of blades and Eshi’s chain covers Lenalee as she prepares for the Iron Shackles.

Crystal Type

As Lenalee returns to the Black Order Headquarters, Hevlaska asserted that her synchronization rate has fallen to below 10%, leading members of the Order to doubt her compatibility with her Innocence and her status as an Accommodator. However, Hevlaska explained that it might be similar to Allen’s case, and that Lenalee’s Innocence is adapting its will and is about to take on a different form.

During the assault on the Headquarters, Lenalee desperately tried to reconnect with her Innocence, with its cubic form again turning into the black liquid Hevlaska earlier extracted. She then drank the liquid Innocence and was absorbed by her body, opening a wound and manifesting as cross-shaped scars on both her ankles. The blood from her wound crystallized and wrapped itself around her legs.

Inactive Crystal Boots
Lenalee Lee’s scar on her ankles and the blood-red bangles.

Her Innocence now appears parasitic-type, wrapping around her legs down to her feet in the form of thigh-high stilettos. Also, a pair of small, blood-red, fairy-like wings appear on her heels and gives her a massive boost in speed and strength. When not in use, her Innocence remains as blood-red bangles on her ankles.

Lenalee Lee Crystal Dark Boots
Lenalee Lee Dark Boots Crystal Type

It was further revealed that her Innocence is not crystal, or formed from crystallized liquid Innocence. It is an unidentified metallic substance made from her blood parasitized by her Innocence. Therefore, it can be hypothesized that she can restore her Dark Boots should it be broken, provided that she still has blood to do so.

Lenalee Lee’s History

Lenalee mentions explains that she does not remember much of the time prior to joining the Order. However, at an early age, Lenalee and her brother Komui were orphaned by Akumas and when they determined Lenalee as an Accommodator, took her away from her older brother. She describes her experience as being like in prison.

Young Lenalee about to be taken by the Order away from his brother.

In the Volume 25 Discussion Room, Lenalee shared that she once received mentorship from a Black Order general who died when she was little. She also recounted vague memories about her tutor who was strict. She also started as the only pupil, with Yu Kanda joining her later. As she grew a little older, Section Leader Reever Wenhamm and Rob Neal guided her in her studies.

During her period of studies away from his older brother, she once witnessed a young boy about her age forced to bond with a piece of Innocence. The boy was believed to be an Accommodator himself, being a relative of another Accommodator. She witnessed the boy failed his synchronization and in turn, become a Fallen One. However, she did not know what happened to the boy after becoming a Fallen One, with Hevlaska withholding any further information on the event.

A young Lenalee roams and finds a young boy forcefully infused with a piece of the Innocence. D. Gray-man ep53

Also, she harbors ill emotions towards Malcolm Lvellie, a high-ranking Inspector from the Central Agency. As shown in a flashback, Lenalee made several attempts to escape, only to be caught again and again by Lvellie and members of CROW. As added by Kanda, everytime Lvellie visits the Black Order in the past, Lenalee would run and hide in Kanda’s room.

Lenalee Lee X Lvellie
Young Lenalee caught by agents of CROW together with Inspector Lvellie

With the stress from her captivity, her intense studies and training, and failed attempts at escape, Lenalee suffered a mental breakdown and had to be restrained. However, after four years, she started on the road to recovery when she was reunited with her older brother, who is now an officer of the European Branch of the Black Order. With the support of Komui Lee, she came to accept the Black Order as family and their Headquarters as home.

Lee Siblings
After four years, Komui, now a supervisor of the Order, meets Lenalee and convinces her that they’ll stay together.

It was also around this time that Jeryy also taught Lenalee how to be a lady in manners and in words, she then also met Reever and Bak. Almost two years later, Lenalee started offering support for the Science Division in between her missions as an Exorcist and will soon be promoted as Komui Lee’s assistant.

Lenalee Lee’s Relationships

Komui Lee – The Section Chief of the European Branch is Lenalee Lee’s older brother and her only family. She values her older brother very much, as shown when she abhorred the order for taking her away from her older brother. Also, after all that she suffered, it was still Komui, who joined the Order for her, who helped her recover and accept the Black Order.

In return, Komui extremely cares about her younger sister, close to the point of being obsessed over it. Komui has shown to threaten any boy who tries to get too friendly to her, going so far as to cry and cling to her saying that he can not stand the thought of her sister getting married. As an inside joke, members of the Science Division often wake him up or attract his attention by lying that Lenalee is getting married.

While Lenalee shows annoyance at her older brother’s apparent irresponsibility, laziness, and overprotection towards her, she still cares deeply about him. However, their relationship as siblings is put to the test as Lenalee desperately tries to find and help Allen Walker, even without the knowledge of his brother. Komui, on the other hand, is set to work as a member of the Black Order and hunt down Allen who has been identified as a Noah.

Yu Kanda – They have spent a lot of time together, with Kanda coming to the Order a few years after Lenalee started her studies. As will be revealed in the later chapters, Kanda arrives at the Order shortly during his “rebirth” after the Alma Karma incident. Lenalee is one of the few people who inadvertently helped Kanda understand the world around him. Contrary to almost every other character, Kanda does not act arrogant or obnoxious around Lenalee. Also, he is the only character in the series to refer to Lenalee by her shortened name, “Lena.”

In return, Lenalee trains and meditates together with Kanda. Also, she finds comfort in hiding in Kanda’s room whenever she has problems or she needs to think. This was evident when Lvellie visited the Headquarters.

Allen Walker – Initially, Lenalee acts as an older sister to Allen. She works to ensure Allen does not overexert himself on their missions, given Allen’s inclination towards self-sacrifice. During the Rewinding Town Arc, they exchange stories of their childhood together with Miranda but will later get into their first serious fight as Lenalee prevented Allen from destroying himself together with a self-destructing Akuma. Lenalee ignored Allen until he apologizes for getting angry.

Also, prior to Tyki’s attack which will cost Allen his arm, Lenalee started seeing visions of the Order and of Allen. This was the start of what seems to be a special connection between the two of them, with Allen hearing her voice inside his head and the ocean where Lenalee and Eshi fights vaguely overlaps with what he sees in his own reality. Their recollection of past memories, and affirmation of what is truly important to them, would result in Lenalee defeating Eshi and Allen awakening the new form of his Innocence.

While the two would grow more comfortable in the company of each other, their relationship will be tested as Allen Walker becomes the host of the 14th Noah and will subsequently be declared a Noah himself. This forces Allen to leave the Order but not before embracing Lenalee and assuring her that he will remain and exorcist.

Lenalee Lee’s Voice Actors

In the original D.Gray-man anime which ran from 2006 to 2008, Lenalee Lee was voiced by Japanese voice actress Shizuka Ito while Ai Kakuma voiced her in the D.Gray-man Hallow anime.

In the FUNimation English Dub of the 2006-2008 anime, Lenalee was voiced by Luci Christian. Luci was also the voice actress for young Allen Walker.

Lenalee Lee’s Best Quotes

  • (To God): “Please, God I hate so much… Grant me power… For the first time, I want the Innocence so much
  • (To Lavi Bookman): “We can’t just go back from here. If we turn back now, we are trampling down on the lives of those that got us this far.”
  • (To Allen Walker): “You’re so selfish, Allen. Only you can see the demons’ souls, so you think you have the right to sacrifice yourself without a moment’s though about others’ feelings. Why are we even friends? Don’t try to make a fool of me! Why won’t you fight with me?”
  • (To Allen Walker): “If just one of my friends dies, to me, it’s the same as a part of the world being destroyed.”
  • (To Eshi): “You’re wrong. You gave me power.”
  • (To Miranda Lotto): “Our wounds will heal, with time…”

Lenalee Lee’s Cosplay Gallery

Lenalee Lee FAQ (Spoiler Alert)

Both Lenalee Lee and Allen Walker, the series protagonist, have been suspected of being the hosts of the Heart of Innocence. The first candidate at being the host was Lenalee when her Innocence crystallized and protected her after her battle with Eshi, a Level 3 Akuma. Lavi Bookman noted that it was their first documented case of an Innocence protecting its Accommodator.


Shortly after, Tyki Mikk also shattered Allen Walker's innocence and punched a hole through his heart. However, Allen's Innocence miraculously restored his own heart and saved him from death. This event raised doubts to claims that Lenalee is the host of the Heart.

Lenalee Lee started having dreams that the Headquarters of the Black Order lie in ruins and that Allen Walker will die, causing her great worry. In the 2006 D.Gray-man anime, this was shown in the 36th episode while it was at the 41st Night of the manga.

Lenalee dream
Lenalee's first experience at dreaming about the destruction of the Headquarters and the death of Allen Walker

Throughout the series, Lenalee has always used her equipment-type Innocence, the Dark Boots. While it was never explicitly stated when she exactly started using them, she was first determined to be a fitting host for a piece of Innocence when she was six years old.


The second level of her Dark Boots made its first appearance in the 45th Night of the manga when she recovered Timcanpy from a stray cat and met with Allen after their mission with Arystar Krory. However, it was first invoked in the 48th episode of the anime.


During the anime-only story arc, Lenalee helped a young girl, Meilin, recover the piece of Innocence that has taken the form of a crystal ball at the lake.


Her Innocence started evolving shortly after her fight with Eshi. Lenalee defeated the Level 3 Akuma with her Falling Technique: Iron Shackles, transforming her boots into a heavy mass of blades made even heavier with Eshi's gravity shackles. The sheer weight of the attack apparently disintegrated Lenalee's Innocence, burned her hair off due to air friction, and definitely finished the Akuma off. Her Innocence then crystallized and encased Lenalee within it.


After their mission in Edo and in The Ark, Lenalee was able to return to the Headquarters. Her position as an Accommodator was put into doubt as Hevlaska took Lenalee's Innocence, only to have it transform into a black liquid, and note that her synchronization rate has dropped to below 10%.


Shortly after, a Level 4 Akuma attacked the Headquarters and Lenalee affirmed her will to merge again with her Innocence. She drank her Innocence in liquid form which forced large amounts of blood to gush forth from wounds on her ankles (which will later leave cross-shaped scars). This new substance, made from a mix of her blood and her Innocence, will be her new Dark Boots, taking the form of blood-red anklets when not in use.

While Lenalee has worn her long hair on two pigtails since her first appearance, it was after her fight with Eshi that her hair was severely burned. Her use of Falling Technique: Iron Shackles exposed her to dangerously high levels of air friction, burning her hair off and the rest of her body had her Innocence not crystallized to protect her.


By the time of D.Gray-man Hallow, it has grown significantly longer, now reaching past her shoulders

Lenalee was six years old when the Black Order discovered that she is a compatible host for the Innocence. This detail was revealed in D.Gray-man Official Fanbook Gray Ark.


Shortly after their parents were killed by Akuma, Lenalee and Komui were rescued by the Order. Three years into her forced bonding with her Innocence and training in the Headquarters, Lenalee broke down from the isolation and pressure and had to be confined and restrained. A year after, her brother, now a Black Order supervisor, reunited with her.