The hit manga and anime series Kimetsu no Yaiba/ Demon Slayer revolves around Kamado Tanjiro, who was only 13 years old at the start of the story. He sets out on a long and difficult journey to turn her sister, Nezuko, back into a human and avenge his family’s death.

Even as the main character, there are some things most fans probably don’t know about him. For both new and old fans of the series, here are ten of the most interesting things about Kamado Tanjiro.

1. How Old Is Tanjiro?

According to the Kimetsu no Yaiba databook, Tanjiro was 15 years old by the time he sliced the boulder. This corresponds to the end of Chapter 5 in the manga and end of Episode 3 in the anime. This means that he was 13 year old at the start of the series.

Tanjiro was 13 when he first appeared. After the death of his family and Nezuko being a demon, he trained under Urokodaki Sakonji. He directly mentions that a year after he arrived at Mt. Sagiri, he was led to the giant boulder. Tanjiro is 14 when he meets the giant boulder.

Tanjiro, with his long hair, after two long years of training at Mt. Sagiri.

He continues to train everyday and tries to slice the boulder for six months without success. Shortly after, the masked children Sabito and Makomo appears and helps him train further. After another six months, Tanjiro finally slices the boulder and is sent to the Final Selection.

2. Why Did Tanjiro’s Scar Change?

Quick Answer: It was never directly explained.

Theory: The most resounding explanation, lacking anything but the author’s confirmation, is that it corresponds to his skill level. At first, it looks like a normal scar but as the series progresses, it grows closer and closer to looking like a flame.

Also, it makes sense to think that the scar, like the Hanafuda earrings, is a mark of the Breath of the Sun. Yoriichi Tsugikuni also had a spreading flame mark across the left side of his face.

Tanjiro’s father, Tanjuro also had a scar similar to his own at the start of the series. The consistency of the location makes it hard to pass it off as mere coincidence. As his father was not a demon slayer, although he knew the Hinokami Kagura (Dance of the Fire God), his scar remained the scraggly patch of skin.

Note that the reason behind his scar, how he got it, or why it changes form, was never directly explained in either the manga or the anime.

Over the events of the series, Tanjiro’s scar changes form. At the start of the story, the scar on his forehead appears like a normal scar, a frayed patch of skin.

The appearance of Tanjiro’s scar in the first episode. It appears like a large burnt/ frayed patch of skin.

Then we all know what happened. He later trained under Urokodaki Sakonji then went to the Final Selection. He was injured in the fight against the Hand Demon, leaving his scar covered in blood. Tanjiro defeats the Hand Demon and joins the corps. After he recovers, his scar changes its appearance into something more jagged.

The process of Tanjiro’s scar changing. From his injury at the Hand Demon, recovery, then before setting out as a demon slayer.

He keeps this pattern until the fight with Rui, Lower Moon Five. It starts to take more rounder edges, making it look more like a flame. It’s quite difficult to pin this down because there are also slight differences in the scar when it appears in the manga.

Tanjiro’s scar during the highly applauded sequence of the siblings fight against Rui. Great animation by Ufotable.

The final form of his scar, now taking the form of a flame, first appears during the fight with Daki. It will revert to its previous form after the battle with the Upper Moon Six. In the Swordsmith Village Arc, Tanjiro would again be able to summon the flame form of his scar during his fight with Hantengu. And again, the scar would revert to its non-flame form after.

The events in which Tanjiro’s scar changed form to look more like a flame. On the left is during the fight with Daki. On the right is during the fight with Hantengu.

Tanjiro would later train and maintain the flame-form scar during the Pillar Training Arc. Surprisingly, it would be Genya Shinazugawa, younger brother to the Wind Pillar, who will teach him how to do it.

Tanjiro finally awakens his flame-form scar after Genya teaches him how to do repetitive actions.

He will keep the flame-form mark up until the final chapter. He awakened his Demon Slayer Mark during the fight with Akaza. Both Tanjiro and Giyu Tomioka, the Water Pillar, fought the Upper Moon Three. Although Giyu already had his demon slayer mark activated, he was still at a disadvantage. Tanjiro, remembering his past lessons and Inosuke’s advise, managed to finally awaken his own demon slayer mark. It is an extension of his flame-form mark, whose branches now extend to between his eyes.

demon slayer mark
Tanjiro’s demon slayer mark appearing during the fight with Akaza.

3. He Is A Naturally Empathic and Honest Person

One of the recurring themes in Demon Slayer is Tanjiro’s ability to connect and understand the true feelings of the people and demon around him. In fact, Tanjiro shedding tears for the demons he defeated has become a source of memes for Kimetsu no Yaiba fans.

Below are some notable examples of his empathy towards their most hated enemies:

  • When he defeated the Hand Demon at Fujikasane Mountain, he held the last extended hand of the demon as it disintegrates. We never knew if he heard the cries of the little boy that became the Final Selection boss.
  • After Giyu killed the Lower Moon 5, Rui, he was still moving towards Tanjiro and Nezuko. Tanjiro, nearly knocked out and protecting her sister, smelled the “overwhelming grief” from Rui’s small body and held him as he disappeared. Rui described Tanjiro’s hands as being “gentle as sunlight” and “warm.”
  • Daki and Gyutaro started arguing after both their heads were cut off. As the insults and regrets started escalating, Tanjiro intervened. He reminded them that they are siblings and they only have each other, leading Gyutaro to remember their days as humans.
Tanjiro holds Rui, the Upper Moon Five, during his final moments.

Meanwhile, he has also asserted the secrets that other people hide, largely because of his heightened sense of smell. This includes Tanjiro sensing that Shinobu Kocho, the Insect Pillar, is angry despite not looking or speaking as such.

He also explained Sanemi’s side to his younger brother Genya. Despite all the harsh words and cold treatment, Sanemi doesn’t mean any of those and that he wants his younger brother to leave the demon slayer corps in order to protect him.

In terms of honesty, he has never told a lie in the entire series. Except for one. During the Entertainment District Arc, Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu went undercover. They disguised as girls in order to investigate about Tengen Uzui’s missing wives. When he was asked why he was asking around about one of the missing ladies, he said that she was his big sister. His face looks constipated, as shown in this panel from Chapter 72 of the manga:

Tanjiro’s face as he attempts to tell a lie. Since he is naturally an honest person, telling a lie is something he is not familiar with.

4. Tanjiro’s Sword Is Black, Yet He Uses Water Breathing, Why Is That?

For fans of Chasing Anime, you would probably know the answer already. We have previously tackled everything you need to know about Nichirin Blades (you can also get your own sword here).

The simple answer is that his sword, or any black swords, only comes to users or Breath of the Sun. Since he is a user of the original breathing style, theoretically, he could be taught any other breathing styles. This explains why Tanjiro can use both the Water Breathing style and later, the Hinokami Kagura that is obviously different in nature.

Tanjiro’s newly-forged Nichirin blade turns black, much to Haganezuka’s dismay

This also explains why there are few known users of the black blade and that not much is known about it. Later in the manga, it was revealed that Muzan and Kokushibo tried to kill all the Breath of the Sun users after Yoriichi. It makes sense that there is not a lot known about black blades because (1) they can’t use their original breathing style and (2) there is no cultivator to develop the style. In fact, the only reference to Sum Breathing users outside of Tanjiro’s memories, is in the records kept by the Flame Pillars. Unfortunately, it was torn by Kyojuro’s father, Shinjuro.

5. Will Tanjiro Die In Demon Slayer

No. He won’t. He will survive up until the end of the series. However, in a last attempt for survival, Muzan tried to turn him into a demon. Shortly after Muzan died from sunlight, Tanjiro was thought to be dead, without one of his arms.

Unfortunately, since Muzan knew that Tanjiro is the brother of Nezuko, the demon who conquered the sun, he knew that the demon slayer will also become a strong demon. His blood in Tanjiro’s body controlled him, telling him to “destroy the demon slayers in his place.” He became a super-strong demon resistant to the sun, with Muzan calling him the “King of the Demons.”

Tanjiro turns into a demon because of Muzan’s blood inside him.

The survivors try to survive against him and in a sacrificial move, Kanao used her remaining eye to activate Scarlet Spider Lily Eyes. Her enhanced speed allowed her to inject the demon antidote and return him to being human.

In the end, some three months after the battle, Tanjiro wakes up surrounded by Zenitsu, Inosuke, and Nezuko. His left hand, which recovered during his demon phase, has atrophied. He no longer feels anything below the elbow. Also, his left eye can no longer see anything. As a survivor of the final fight, it brings us to the next question:

6. Will Tanjiro Become a Pillar?

No. The same goes for Inosuke, Zenitsu, and Kanao. Although there is no doubt that they are now the strongest demon slayers aside from the pillars, they won’t earn the same title.

After the battle with Muzan, the only surviving hashira/ pillars are the Water Pillar Giyu Tomioka and the Wind Pillar Sanemi Shinazugawa. They were summoned by the new leader of the demon slayer corps, Kiriya Ubuyashiki for the final hashira meeting. In it, Kiriya thanked everyone for their service and the remaining pillars thanked him in return. After that, Kiriya announced the disbandment of the demon slayer corps.

Kiriya and his sisters bow to Giyu and Sanemi, expressing gratitude on behalf of the Ubuyashiki Family for finally defeating Muzan Kibutsuji.

7. He Falls Into a Coma (Probably Twice)

While Nezuko is the established sleepyhead character in the series, Tanjiro has been shown to fall asleep twice after major battles. The first one was after the fight with Upper Six Demons Daki and Gyutaro. Kanao was surprised to find Tanjiro awake, noting that he had been asleep for two whole months.

Kanao drops a flower vase in surprise at seeing Tanjiro regain consciousness after the fight with the Upper Moon Six.

The second is after the final fight with Muzan. Although, the manga didn’t directly say he was comatose (again). He returned and talked with Nezuko three months after the fight. Zenitsu and Inosuke are asleep in his bed, probably waiting for him to wake up. The siblings are talking about the incident, with Nezuko explaining some parts of how Tanjiro managed to survive.

8. Tanjiro Breaks [A Lot Of] His Swords

Tanjiro breaks a lot of swords during the course of the series. Symbolically, it showed that he still has a lot to go and that he does not overwhelm any of his enemies. Most of the time, he just manages to barely survive his fights. His struggles makes his fight more relatable for some viewers and adds flair to the series.

He first broke a Nichirin blade during the fight with Lower Moon Five, Rui. The Spider Demon’s strings would snap his sword in half. Haganezuka would later replace his sword after their recovery/ training at the Wisteria House.

The moment before Tanjiro snaps his sword in half trying to slice Rui’s thread.

The next replacement will come after the Infinity Train Arc. As Akaza defeats the Flame Pillar Kyojuro Rengoku, the team gang up on the Upper Moon Three Demon. With his last strength, Kyojuro has sliced Akaza’s head halfway and pinned him in place.

The sun is already rising as Inosuke tries to help, slicing both of his arms. With the sun threatening to kill him, Akaza retreats, Tanjiro throws his sword at him and called him “coward.” Although infuriated, Akaza has no choice but to run, taking Tanjiro’s sword with him.

Akaza taken by surprise as Tanjiro’s sword impales him right in the chest.

Haganezuka again replaces his sword, and threatening to kill him again for losing another Nichirin blade. Tanjiro used this sword until the fight with Daki and Gyutaro. He chipped his sword this time and for the two months he was not awake, Haganezuka didn’t send any replacement swords aside from a threatening letter.

Tanjiro went to Swordsmith Village to get a new sword. He used the new sword forged by Haganezuka during the fight with Hantengu.

Tanjiro unsheathing the new sword forged by Haganezuka during the fight with Hantengu.

After the fight at the Swordsman Village, Haganezuka himself would bring Tanjiro his new and final sword. It was a black sword with flame pattern on the blade. No one knows who was the previous wielder of the sword nor who forged it. Haganezuka only restored it and added Rengoku’s flame-shaped tsuba or guard.

Tanjiro’s final sword, brought to him by Haganezuko after they saved the Swordsmith Village.

The sword also contained the kanji or character for “metsu” or destruction. Haganezuka explained that the sword was really old. It existed even before the demon slayer corps had rankings of maybe even pillars. The character expressed the smith and the swordsman’s intent to destroy all demons. Latter pillars are the only demon slayers who get to have the words “akki messatsu” engraved on their swords.

9. Tanjiro’s Signature Hard Forehead

Aside from his Water Breathing and Hinokami Kagura, one of Tanjiro’s signature moves is the headbutt. He has stunned, if not outright knocked down, a lot of characters in the series. Among its victims has included the boulder on Mt. Sagiri, Inosuke Hashibira, Sanemi Shinazugawa, Tengen Uzui, Shinjuro Rengoku, and more.

According to the Kimetsu no Yaiba databook, Tanjiro inherited his hard head, both literally and figuratively, from his mother Kie.

10. Will Tanjiro Have a Wife?

Yes, and it is none other than Tsuyuri Kanao, the Flower Breathing tsuguko. Unfortunately, their story together was not fully explored in the anime or in the manga. We were only given hints throughout the series. Here’s some of Tanjiro x Kanao cute moments.

Tanjiro x Kanao Moments 1 – The Coin Flip That Change Kanao’s Life

The first hint was during Tanjiro’s total concentration breathing training at the butterfly mansion. As Tanjiro completed his training, he informed Kanao and the residents of the Butterfly Mansion of his departure. Unable to decide whether to response, Kanao flipped a coin on whether she should talk to Tanjiro. Tanjiro then taught her to decide for herself, through another coin toss. Watch the scene here:

previous arrowprevious arrow
next arrownext arrow

Did Tanjiro’s words sink in? Yes, definitely. For instance, Kanao would first think about Tanjiro’s “follow your heart” advice when Tengen Uzui tried to take Aoi for his mission. Instead of flipping a coin, she decided herself to stop Uzui up until Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu arrived. The three joined the Sound Pillar instead.

Kanao conflicted on whether to stop Uzui or stay down since she was lower in rank.

Tanjiro x Kanao Moments 2 – “I’m So Glad You’re Awake!”

After the fight with Daki and Gyutaro, Tanjiro fell unconscious for two whole months. When he woke up, Kanao was utterly surprised, even dropping the vase she had in hand. She even told Tanjiro that she’s so glad that he’s awake. Mind you, this exploding emotion is coming from the typically emotionless Kanao.

Kanao surprised and delighted to find Tanjiro finally awake after two whole months.

Tanjiro x Kanao moments 3 – Self-Sacrifice of Her Own Decision and a Happy Ever After

Lastly, after Tanjiro turned into a demon, Kanao was ready to give up her last good eye to use the Final Form of her Flower Breathing style, without hesitation. Her increased speed, at the cost of an eye, allowed her to administer the medicine to Tanjiro. If not for her, Tanjiro would have no chance at returning and probably become the King of Demons, under the control of Muzan Kibutsuji.

Kanao Tsuyuri using the Final Form of Flower Breathing: Scarlet Spider Lily Eyes, allowing her to move fast enough to give the medicine to Tanjiro.

After the battle, they would all find peace after the defeat of Muzan. Their exchange was limited only to a scene under the sakura tree planted by the first Flower Breathing style user. The tree, named “Victory,” witnessed their triumph over Muzan. Also, she seems to have retained a part of her vision even after sacrificing both of her eyes.

While it was never shown, Tanjiro and Kanao eventually started a family of their own. Down the line, they would have two descendants Kamado Sumihiko and Kamado Kanata, who obviously have Kanao’s eyes. They are cousins to Agatsuma Toko and Agatsuma Yoshiteru, Nezuko and Zenitsu’s descendants.

The descendants of Tanjiro, Kanao, Zenitsu, and Nezuko.

Bonus: Tanjiro’s Voice Actor Natsuki Hanae

The main character in Ufotable’s anime adaptation of Demon Slayer, Tanjiro Kamado, is voiced by Natsuki Hanae. In his ten years as a seiyuu, Natsuki-san has started by voicing extras and background characters. However, he later voiced more prominent characters and later on, protagonists like Tanjiro such as:

  • Shin’ichi Kano from Outbreak Company
  • Shinji Toyosaki from Hamatora
  • Meiga Itogami from Strike The Blood
  • Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul, Tokyo Ghoul Root A, and Tokyo Ghoul: re
  • Takumi Aldini from Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma
  • Elam from The Heroic Legend of Arslan
  • Jaco the Galactic Patrolman from Dragon Ball Super
Natsuki Hanae with all the characters he has voiced in anime. Thanks to the Seiyuu Facebook page for the image.