There’s something about a good love story that makes people feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Not all love stories are perfect, and the best ones usually hit some snags along the way, often leaving you saying, “we’ll laugh about this someday.” That’s what makes romantic comedy anime so much fun! So we’ve compiled a list of some of the most lovable yet laughable series!  

What is Romantic Comedy Anime? 

Romantic comedy anime, or romcoms, are stories that center around the relationship between two characters. 

However, what separates these from regular romantic series, are the comedic elements interwoven throughout the series. When watching a romcom, you can expect a series of hilarious, often unexpected antics to come between our protagonists and stir the pot. They’re usually fun, relatable stories about watching two characters fall in love despite the wacky obstacles in their way. 

What is the best Romantic Comedy Anime?

While My Anime List doesn’t have a genre specifically devoted to romantic comedy, many series overlap and fall into both categories. 

The highest-rated anime in both the romance and comedy sections is Fruits Basket: The Final, with a solid 9.09 rating. 

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the other romantic comedy anime you should be watching!

1. Fruits Basket (2019 Reboot)

MAL Score: 8.22

While the original run of Fruits Basket was already a fairly household name, in the last few years, the reboot has set itself apart as a refreshing take on this already beloved series. 

What’s it about: Fruit Baskets has a little bit of everything–drama, supernatural folklore, comedy, and of course, tons of romance. As if being a teenager wasn’t hard enough, imagine not being able to hug a member of the opposite sex without immediately turning into an animal from the Chinese zodiac? Something tells me that would make dating pretty hard. 

While the premise is totally farfetched, it’s also what helps to relieve the tension at times. Seeing a character turn into a cat or a rat or even a cow at the most inopportune times can be absolutely hilarious, especially when the designs are this cute. 

Still, there’s plenty of romance to be had as well! The main character, Tohru, finds herself stuck in a love triangle quite early on. There’s Kyo, the stubborn black sheep of the family, and Yuki, the regal but socially awkward, favorite. The boys have a love-hate relationship with each other, but when Tohru moves into their house, it only complicates things further. 

two boys argue in front of a girl and a lake
Kyo and Yuki fighting in front of Tohru

Why recommend it to your friends: Overall, Fruits Basket is a well-rounded show that covers a lot of genres without it ever feeling like too much. At times it can be laugh out loud funny, or even tear-jerkingly sad, but the budding romances of all the zodiac members make sure the series is never lacking in the love department. 

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2. Kaguya-Sama: Love is War (2019)

MAL Score: 8.41

While the phrase “love is war” might seem a little dramatic, it is one hundred percent accurate. For Miyuki and Kaguya, the top two representatives of the student council, it literally is. 

a romantic encounter between anime classmates

What’s it about: Shuiichin Academy is a highly prestigious school, and both students refuse to be seen as weak compared to the other, which means there’s no time for romance or games (even if they’re both madly in love with one another). Kaguya is far too rich and talented to admit her love, while Miyuki is far too smart and respected. So instead of doing the mature thing and just confessing, they both try to con and trick the other student into doing it first. 

Each episode is told in a series of shorts, with one of the characters coming out on top in that particular “battle.” Whether it’s trying to get the other’s phone number without having to ask, or trying to trick the other into using their umbrella first of a rainy day, there’s no shortage of hilariously stubborn antics between the two of them. Seeing them drag the other student council members into their fights makes it even more awkward and hilarious. 

Why recommend it to your friends:  Miyuki and Kaguya literally approach love and confessions like a game to be won, and despite being so smart, they’re both too clueless and inexperienced to let the other win easily. Still, unlike those other slow-burn anime where you have to wait forever for a confession, Love is War doesn’t leave you feeling bored or dissatisfied.

Sure, it’ll be fun when they finally get together, but the best part is watching them struggle with romance like real teenagers. It’s definitely worth the watch if you’re looking for a fun twist on the usual awkward teen romance. 

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3. Ouran High School Host Club (2006)

MAL Score: 8.18

While Ouran High School Host Club has one of the more ridiculous plots on this list, it is an absolute riot. The first time I watched it, I couldn’t stop laughing. 

What’s it about: Imagine attending a ritzy private school with a club specifically geared towards short-term, non-committal dating. That’s what the host club is after all. It’s just a place for girls to go after class to spend some quality time with the boy of their choosing. It almost sounds wrong, but the club members are so into it that you can’t help but enjoy yourself! It almost makes you wish you’d thought of the idea. 

The boys of the club take their job very seriously. They plan elaborate dates or dress up in cosplays, playing out a girl’s wildest fantasy in character. It’s absolutely ridiculous, and the main character, Haruhi Fujioka, isn’t afraid to call them out on it. The club might actually take her complaints into consideration too…if she didn’t owe them a massive debt. 

Now she’s stuck working in the host club too, pretending to be a boy and going on dates with girls. The hilarious part is, she’s actually a natural at it! Now on top of balancing her scholarship, she has to work at the club, while trying not to fall in love with one of the members too! It sounds crazy, but that’s what makes it hilarious.

anime girl tries to take anime girl on romantic date

Why recommend it to your friends: The fun of Host Club is how absolutely ridiculous it seems. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, which makes even the weirdest of jokes gut-wrenchingly funny. Haruhi’s dry humor in contrast to the other characters is refreshing. Plus, watching two people who couldn’t be more different, reluctantly fall in love only adds to the comedy. It’s the perfect mix of love and laughs.

If nothing else, the iconic theme song will definitely have you coming back for more! No one can resist “Kiss, kiss fall in love!” Overall, if you’re looking for a shameless, fun, romantic comedy anime that you can unwind to, Host Club will check all those boxes.

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4. The Quintessential Quintuplets (2019)

MAL Score: 7.66

When I first went into this, I was expecting your typical harem anime where a group of too-hot girls fawn over a boring guy, but I was pleasantly surprised. 

What’s it about: Instead of being a boring lead, with little to no personality, Fuutarou is actually a well-rounded character. His dry, standoffish personality makes sense when you see just how hard his family is struggling just to make ends meet. He takes a job tutoring a set of quintuplets to help pay his father’s debts, mostly because he can’t turn down money this good, and the antics start from there.

Five anime girls cower from anime male

Despite being rich and beautiful, the girls are all complete failures when it comes to schoolwork. Having to tutor five girls at once would be hard enough, but most of them barely want a tutor, and they definitely don’t want to be taught by Fuutarou. No matter how hard he tries, some of the girls are just out to make his life a total hell and get him fired. As mean as it sounds, that’s what makes it funny. It takes the usual harem tropes and spins them on their head. Once they stop hating him so much, a few of the girls might just grow to like him along the way too. 

Why recommend it to your friends: Every time you think you know just where the show is going, it strays down a different, but entertaining path. Just when you think things are going well and love is blossoming, it often ends in a hilarious misunderstanding or a deliberate ploy to get their tutor fired.

It’s not your typical harem anime or even romantic comedy. It doesn’t rely on cheap jokes, but instead really fleshes out each character so that you actually care about all of them. You would think in a show about five sisters, they’d get lost or start to blur together, but they don’t. Each sister is unique and hilarious in their own right, which makes wondering who Fuutarou will end up with even harder! 

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5. Horimiya (2021)

MAL Score: 8.23

Horimiya was one of the most anticipated animes of the Winter 2021 and after watching it, it’s not hard to see why. You go in expecting the classic popular kid falls in love with unpopular kid romance and it quickly shows you it has way more to offer than that. 

What’s it about: Like all the best couple names, Horimiya is a mash-up of Kyouko Hori and Izumi Morimiya. They couldn’t be more different, with Hori being popular in public but incredibly devoted to her family at home. Morimiya comes off as more of a loner, but come to find out, he’s actually pretty edgy and cool outside of school. It’s the perfect opposites attract story, but it doesn’t feel forced. 

Morimiya isn’t trying to be popular, and Hori isn’t trying to save him from being a loner. The way they fall in love feels genuine because they actually seem to understand each other. One provides what the other is missing. It feels very real, and it’s that realistic feeling that helps the more comedic aspects of the anime really stick. 

Horimiya isn’t just about the two mains but has a cast of hilarious comic relief characters going their own love (and heartbreak) stories as well.  The diverse cast makes sure the storyline never gets stale and keeps the show lighthearted even when it dives into more serious topics. Overall, it’s a fun, realistic look at high school dating that anyone can relate to and enjoy.

a romantic high school anime couple holds hands

Why recommend it to your friends: Horimiya is genuine. The jokes don’t feel forced-its like watching yourself interact with your own friends. Still, Horimiya isn’t afraid to touch on some of the harder parts of high school, like isolation and depression. The show is well-rounded so nothing ever seems like too much. It’s serious when it needs to be, romantic in all the cutest ways, and hilarious almost all of the time. Horimiya is a show that really balances everything you want out of a romantic comedy, making you keep clicking the next episode, even when you know you should stop. 

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6. Uzaki-Chan Wants to Hang Out (2020)

MAL Score: 7.02

When it comes to romantic comedies, some people prefer the romance parts and others like the funny more. If you’re looking for a slow-burn romantic comedy anime that doesn’t take itself too seriously and is packed with tons of laughs, look no further. Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out is absolutely hilarious. 

Frustrated anime male and smiling anime female

What’s it about: Being friends with Uzaki is sort of like being friends with a really overzealous puppy. She’s a handful, but once you have her, you can’t resist her. Shinichi definitely can’t get rid of her, not after she makes it her mission to force him out of his boring, loner routine. They’re in college after all, and that’s supposed to be fun! 

Shinichi isn’t your typical, boring, cookie-cutter male character either. He’s just a guy who knows what he likes and is set in his ways. He’s not afraid to be dry or cynical, but he can also be spontaneous and downright adorable at times. Despite how over the top Uzaki can be, they get along pretty well because they have similar hobbies and interests, even if their personalities are crazy different. Watching them grow closer is fun because you know they’re perfect for each other, even if they don’t see it yet. 

Why recommend it to your friends: When I say I laughed out loud multiple times, that is not an exaggeration. My friends did too. Something about Uzaki-chan has a sort of infectious nature and you can’t help but enjoy yourself right along with the bubbly, immature, overbearing main character. Uzaki is loud and obnoxious but in the kind of way that draws you to her instead of away from her. She drives Shinichi absolutely crazy, but even he can’t seem to stay away from her and it’s not hard to see why (mostly because she never gives him the chance to). 

What really makes this show entertaining, is the contrast between Uzaki and Shinichi. They’re opposites, but everyone around them can tell they’re perfect for each other, which makes things even more hilarious when their friends and family try to secretly push them together. The best part about Uzaki-chan is that it’s like watching two childhood friends reluctantly fall in love, so there’s a lot of ups and downs. Still, nothing feels forced, which makes both the funny and romantic moments that much more entertaining.  

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7. Rent-A-Girlfriend (2020)

MAL Score: 7.35

While the idea of renting a girlfriend might sound a little strange at first, this show finds a way to that idea and turn it into a genuine, and funny, series about how hard college dating can be. It definitely makes you look at those dating apps on your phone a little differently-at least they’re free! 

What’s it about: After getting dumped, seemingly out of nowhere, Kazuya Kinoshita is heartbroken and decides to seek solace from a girlfriend renting app – you know, like any normal college guy would do. He gets set up with Chizuru Mizuhara, who seems perfect, almost too perfect, so he rates her badly and she’s rightfully upset. They’re already off to a pretty rocky start.

Things only get crazier when Kazuya when unforeseen circumstances force Kazuya to introduce Chizuru to his family as his girlfriend. Now they have to keep up their charade, or be forced to tell both of their families the truth about her job and his relationship. The worst, but most hilarious part is, he has to keep paying for every date they go on after. 

an anime couple yell in frustration

It seems like a pretty raw deal, but as time progresses, they actually learn to tolerate each other. This helps to elevate the comedy, so instead of making the expected mean jokes about Kazuya being lonely or Chizuru being broke and shallow, they take the punchlines in unexpected directions. Instead of them being enemies, it’s two friends trying to get out of a hilariously sticky situation. Besides, no one can be as bad as Kazuya’s evil ex-girlfriend.  

Why recommend it to your friends: Rent a girlfriend takes a plot and jokes you think should be predictable and gives you exactly what you didn’t see coming. It’s undoubtedly a harem anime, with harem tropes, but it doesn’t feel cheesy. The characters come off like real people with flaws you can’t help but appreciate and relate to (with the exception of Mami Nanami, unless you’re a monster). Once they get past their differences, Kazuya and Chizuru are genuinely likable characters and you can’t help but root for them to get out of all the messes they’ve made for themselves so they can finally realize they’re in love with each other and just date already! 

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8. Golden Time (2013)

MAL Score: 7.77

Golden Time is one of the more dramatic romantic comedy anime on this list, so if you’re looking for something funny, but a little more mature, this one is perfect!

What’s it about: Like most young adults, Banri Tada is just trying his best to adjust to life as a college student now. For the most part, that means finding your independence and meeting new people, but Banri has the added struggle of amnesia to deal with. An accident left him with no recollection of his former life, so now on top of everything else, he’s still trying to figure out who he is and if he still wants to be that person.  

It would probably be easier if he wasn’t stuck in his friend Mitsuo’s one-sided love affair with the rich, but clueless, Kouko. When Banri’s not trying to distract her so that Mitsuo can be with the girl he really loves, he’s reacquainting himself with a former crush he doesn’t even remember having. If his life were a relationship, it’s safe to say Banri’s is fairly complicated. 

It only gets more confusing, as he starts to fall in love with Kouko on top of everything else and she’s absolutely the last girl he’d ever expect his former, or even current self, to like. 

Why recommend it to your friends: Every time you think things can’t get more difficult for Banri, they always do. He’s constantly stuck in some awkward situation, that’s only made funnier by the fact that he has no memories and no idea how to handle this newfound freedom. He’s basically a blank slate, so it’s easy to connect with him.  

an friend comes between a romantic encounter between anime males

There’s plenty to look forward to in the romance department with the many love triangles and more mature relationships. Still, it isn’t afraid to poke fun at some of the more awkward antics of young adulthood–like having your girl find your porn stash or pretending to date your best bro so girls will get off his back (everyone’s done that at least once right?). Since the characters are in college, the drama is a little more developed than your usual high school slice of life. It gives the show a refreshing tone and makes for some newer jokes as well. Golden Time is perfect for people who want a rom-com with a little more depth and substance to it. 

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9. Tsurezure Children (Tsuredure Children) (2017)

MAL: 7.62

With its episodic shorts format, Tsurezure Children offers a ton of different looks at how cute but complicated high school dating can actually be. At only twelve minutes per episode, it’s a good romantic comedy anime for people who like their shows straight to the point. 

What’s it about: Unlike most of the other entries on this list, Tsurezure Children follows multiple children and couples throughout the course of their high school relationships. The series shows you relationships in all different stages – kids who are courting each other, kids with crushes, and those who are actually dating. There’s a lot of variety here and each episode follows multiple couples, keeping things short and interesting. 

anime teens exchange romantic gift
Tsurezure Children - 10 - Large 11
Tsurezure Children - 06 - Large 36
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While teenage romance can be a cute, eye-opening experience, it can also be awkward and downright painful at times. Tsurezure Children doesn’t shy away from all the worst parts, as well as all the best parts. Seeing some of the kids get rejected is just part of growing up. Of course, there are also some embarrassing moments — like coughing during your first kiss or using a self-proclaimed dating expert’s (terrible) advice. It’s all part of growing up and this show finds a way to take all of those moments and make them both heartwarming and hilarious. 

Why recommend it to your friends: Tsurezure Children has a lot to offer, so if you’re looking for some diversity in your storylines, this is a good one. It has all the best elements of a romantic comedy anime, but it never gets boring because the series is constantly switching up the characters and the plots. 

Not everyone gets a perfect ending, but this anime is really about the journey along the way. Sometimes it’s successful or funny or just completely humiliating, but that’s how real life is. Part of the appeal is just how relatable the series is. Everyone can remember being young with a crush and trying to navigate just how new and sometimes awkward that was! Seeing these kids live through it definitely brings back good, bad and hilarious memories!

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10. Ao Haru Ride (Blue Spring Ride) (2011)

MAL Score: 7.66

When it comes to anime, Blue Spring Ride has a little of everything. It makes for a well-rounded story that delivers on all fronts and definitely had me binging this series in one go. 

What’s it about: This series centers around Futaba Yoshioka, a mostly average high school girl…minus the fact that she’s pretending to be an unkempt tomboy. After years of being singled out by the girls of her school for being too cute and too popular with the boys, Futaba just wants to be left alone to relax with her friends. It totally works at first, until her old middle school crush casually falls back into her life. 

Now Futaba’s not the only one who’s different. Her old crush literally has a new identity, with a new name and everything. While she’s busy trying to figure out what happened to him, he’s not afraid to call her out and make fun of her for becoming this new, sloppy person. Their previous dynamic and friendship are what really makes this a romantic comedy, because even if they’re a little awkward, they’re comfortable enough to play off on each other well. 

anime girls stares romantically at anime male

Why recommend it to your friends: This is a fun series that isn’t trying to do too much. It’s not overt or loud with its jokes and romance so nothing feels forced. You find yourself genuinely laughing and really feeling attached to the characters which makes their backstories that much more compelling when you finally get them. The anime moves at a good pace and draws you in with the added mystery elements that set it apart from the usual teen romance. I wanted to see what was going on with Futaba’s old crush so bad I just kept watching and the next thing I knew, I’d flown through half the show. Overall, it’s an entertaining watch with a satisfying payoff in the end. 

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11. Wotakoi: Love is Hard for an Otaku (2018)

MAL Score: 7.95

When I first started this series, I expected a cheesy show that really poked fun at otakus, but instead, I got a legitimately good show (that still pokes fun at otakus). 

What’s it about: Narumi and Hirotaka are both otakus (think nerds with a particular interest in gaming, anime, manga, etc.), and as you can imagine that makes dating pretty hard. Most people don’t want to date otakus because they’re seen as obsessive and gross with little social skills, which is mostly untrue…Still, finding that work/life/nerd balance leaves little time for romantic affairs. 

It seems there’s no hope until Hirotaka suggests Narumi try dating someone with similar interests. Who would understand her better than her childhood friend, and fellow otaku, Hirotaka? No one! So they set out to try and make their seemingly perfect pairing work. 

romantic date between anime couple

Why recommend it to your friends: Not only is this anime hilarious and an all-around good time, but as an anime fan, you totally get the struggle! It definitely gives you hope that there’s someone out there for all of us! The characters have enviable chemistry between them. They say opposites attract but what really makes this work is how similar Narumi ad Hirotaka’s interests are. They understand each other which makes for adorable romantic scenes, but also perfect comedic timing. They’re everything you want in a relationship! Definitely goals!

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12. Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! (Maid-Sama!) (2010)

MAL Score: 8.04

Don’t be fooled by the maid cafe outfit, this isn’t your typical cutesy air-headed girl anime! Misaki Ayuzawa is definitely more of a strong independent woman who doesn’t need a man type…but no one can resist Usui’s undeniable charm forever. 

anime male stares at anime girl

What’s it about: Misaki isn’t exactly a man-hater, but in a school that’s 80% males, she’s definitely pro-woman. She’s the kind of girl who advocates for others and strives to make a change as the first female student council president. As you can imagine, that doesn’t make her very popular, but it does make her respectable. Which is why her classmate, Usui, is pretty surprised to find out she works at a maid cafe! A girl like Misaki doesn’t seem like the type to wait on men and call them “master” but here she is.

After finding out about her unfortunate circumstances, Usui promises to keep her secret and even becomes a regular customer, showing up to both get to know her better and ruffle her feathers a bit. It’s a little stalkery but it’s anime, so he gets away with it because he’s handsome, desirable, and uber-talented. He’s the guy every guy wants to be and every girl wants to be with…every girl but Misaki at least. 

Why recommend it to your friends: Maid Sama is fun for everything that it isn’t. It’s not trying to be any other romantic comedy. The characters not falling into the usual cute girl and bland guy tropes are what make the show. After everything she’s been through, Misaki is a tough shell to crack but watching Usui breakthrough to her is quite satisfying as a viewer. Even though it’s obvious that they’re going to fall in love, the best part is watching how it happens. Plus, seeing all the sticky situations along the way makes for a few solid laugh-out-loud moments (who could forget that hypnosis scene in the infirmary?)

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13. My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU (2013)

MAL Score: 8.04 

Many shows have attempted the apathetic protagonist but none do it quite as well as this romantic comedy anime. 

What’s it about: Hachiman Hikigaya is unusually bitter and cynical for a high school student, so much so, that his teacher forces him to join the Service Club in order to become less antisocial. Considering this is a rom-com, you’d expect Hachiman not to believe in love, but he doesn’t believe in anything. As miserable as that sounds, it’s actually pretty funny because he’s so set in his ways. He can turn any situation into a dry, deprecating joke while still managing to care and be helpful. It’s a pretty admirable skill honestly.

The only person colder than Hachiman is Yukino Yukinoshita, the club’s hottest, smartest, most painfully honest second member. She’s not afraid to tell it like it is, whether it hurts to hear or not, but it makes her great at giving advice. Though she and Hachiman don’t exactly see eye to eye, they’re not necessarily enemies either, which makes their back and forths particularly entertaining to watch as they try and offer guidance to the other students. 

anime male assits anime females with baking

Why recommend it to your friends: Not only does this anime come with great reviews, it is genuinely hilarious. If you’re looking for an entry on this list that is sure to make you laugh, this is definitely it. Hachiman sounds like he’d be an unlikable character, but he’s not a bad guy at all. It’s impossible not to enjoy his angsty jokes while still wanting to see him grow and succeed as a character. Yukino comes off harsh, which is fun and different, considering usually anime pair a bubbly girl with such a dark character, but it really works. The jokes are subtle and edgy, but the romance elements are still there, making this a unique, well-rounded, romantic comedy. 

If you enjoy the show, check out the My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU light novels too!

14. Toradora (2008)

MAL Score: 8.17

Toradora is a classic age-old story about getting closer your crush’s best friend so your crush will notice you. We’ve all played that game before, right? But does it ever really work the way you expect it to? No.

What’s it about: Toradora centers around Ryuji Takasu and Taiga Aisaka. Although he looks terrifying, Ryuji is actually a sweet and caring guy. He even cooks and cleans, so he’s basically perfect. Taiga on the other hand, is petite and adorable but will not hesitate to hurt you if given the chance. She’s basically the poster child for tsundere characters and she’s so scary in fact, she’s earned the nickname of “palmtop tiger”. 

Despite how they come off, both characters have pretty innocent crushes on the other person’s best friend. So naturally, the only thing to do is set each other up, right? Easier said than done for sure! From the beginning, things don’t go as planned at all. From class mix-ups, to confession rejections, these two can’t seem to get things to work out in their favor. 

Why recommend it to your friends: I had no idea what to expect going into Toradora but it wasn’t what I was thinking at all–and that’s really what I loved about it. I will admit, I judged the characters on looks as well and I was pleasantly surprised by just how wrong I was. I think it’s their depth that really makes this series. You can’t help but feel attached to them and root for them in all aspects. I felt genuinely upset when things didn’t go their way and warm and fuzzy on the inside when they did. Despite how the characters are perceived, this show reminds you that everything isn’t always as it seems.

anime couple stare romantically at stars

Of course the show is hilarious too! Watching a girl who’s not even five feet tall kick butt and take names (mostly Ryuji’s) is pretty entertaining. Her aggressiveness doesn’t feel forced either, but neither does Ryuji’s softer personality. It’s the contrast here that really makes this romantic comedy shine on all levels.  

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15. Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-San (Don’t Toy with Me Miss Nagatoro) (2021)

Mal Score: 7.51 

Anyone who’s ever used the phrase, “they’re teasing you because they like you,” has obviously never met Nagatoro.

anime male is troubled by thoughts of anime female

What’s it about: Nagatoro is a first-year who finds herself attached to (mostly harassing) an awkward second-year named Naoto, who she just dubs “Senpai”. She mostly comes to bother him whenever he’s alone in the art room, but if she happens to see him somewhere, she won’t miss a chance to tease him from everything about being a nerd to being a virgin. It seems downright mean at first, and Naoto clearly has no idea what to make of it. He cries more than once, but as time goes on things shift. 

Nagatoro is far more complex than she seems and the relationship she’s developed with Naoto is deeper than just teasing for the sake of being a bully. She’s not the airhead most people think and while she can mess with her senpai, she’s also quick to defend him as well. It’s easy to see that she cares for him despite how she comes off as she becomes very protective and over time, Naoto seems to warm up to her as he figures her out as well.

Why recommend it to your friends: At first this seems like the kind of mindless comedy you throw on in the background for a few laughs, but it is actually much better than that. I found myself seriously invested in this show and where it was going because the characters turned out to be so different from how they first came off.

Nagatoro and Naoto for more than just character stereotypes. There’s a lot of layers here and this series makes you want to peel them back to discover what these kids are hiding. I loved watching their relationship develop into something more than just teens messing with each other. If you were a fan of Uzaki-Chan Wants to Hang Out, this gives off very similar vibes to that and is an equally fun romantic comedy to watch! 

If you can’t get enough, try purchasing the Don’t Toy with Me Miss Nagatoro Manga!

16. Gekkan Shouko Nozaki-kun (Monthly girls Nozaki-kun) (2014)

MAL Score: 7.90

Everyone knows love confessions are awkward. Worst case scenario–you get rejected. Somehow Chiyo ends up working for her crush, and I honestly don’t know if that’s better or worse.

anime girl confesses feelings for her romantic love interest

What’s it about: Chiyo Sakura has finally worked up the courage to confess to her crush, Umetarou Nozaki. As if that wasn’t hard enough, she totally butches her confession, by telling him that she’s his fan. For most people, that would just be an awkward encounter, but Chiyo has no idea that Nozaki is actually a famous shoujo manga author. So when she says “fan”, he takes her quite literally and not only gives her an autograph but offers her a job working with him. 

It’s isn’t the ideal outcome, but working with Nozaki does give them the chance to grow closer. They hang out frequently and meet each other’s friends. As they spend more time together, Chiyo sees him as more than just the tall, handsome guy she had a crush on. She keeps trying to work up the courage to confess again and receive something other than an autograph in return this time!

Why recommend it to your friends: Depending on how you look at it, Chiyo either has the worst or best luck ever. She doesn’t get what she wants, but she does get to spend more time with Nozaki, which turns out not to be a bad thing. Her confession is based on shallow observations at first, so watching her get to know Nozaki, and still fall in love with him, is way more fulfilling. 

Nozaki is a completely oblivious and pretty literal guy who thinks of everything like its shoujo manga, which makes their interactions quite funny. He’s also got a few pretty over-the-top friends who add some genuine comic relief as well. The best thing about this anime is that it’s not what you expect. The characters and the scenarios often surprise you, especially when it comes to their quirkier friendships. 

Unless you’re a total stud, you know getting rejected sucks, so of course you want Chiyo and Nozaki to end up together. Still, watching them get to know each other and actually develop a relationship gives you way more hope! With this romantic comedy, the fun is definitely in the journey. Here’s hoping next time Chiyo gets more than an autograph! 

Want to read ahead? Check out the Monthly Girls Nozaki-Kun manga here!

17. Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-San (Teasing Master Takagi-San) (2018)

MAL Score: 7.73

“It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt”…Unless that someone is Nishikata, and then it’s perfectly okay to mess with him just a little. 

What’s it about: More than anything, Nishikata just wants to prank his seatmate, Takagi, one good time. Yet no matter how hard he tries, she always seems to get the drop on him, humiliating him before he even has the chance to get her. It’s all harmless teasing really like distracting him during class or terrifying him with a “jack in the box” trick, but Nishikata falls for it every time. 

Their relationship is built on the kind of cute teasing that could easily be misinterpreted as flirting…but they’re far too focused on trying to one-up each other to come to that conclusion at first. For the most part, they’re just playing around, but several of their classmates definitely start to suspect something is up with them. It’s hard not to when then they’re so comfortable together! 

Why recommend it to your friends: It’s hard not to enjoy yourself watching this series! It’s a wholesome, adorable kind of slow burn that doesn’t bore you along the way. It was nice watching the two characters slowly connect over time and it doesn’t try to shove cheesy romance tropes or fanservice in your face. It’s just a very natural sort of progression that’s also hilarious along the way. 

The teasing isn’t mean or uncomfortable. Watching Nishikata try so hard to come out on top and lose is sweet, but you can also tell these characters care a lot about each other as friends. It’s that genuine foundation that really sells this romantic comedy. It isn’t trying too hard to be romantic or funny. It’s just super honest and real and that’s what makes it good! 

If you can’t wait for more, purchase the Teasing Master Takagi-San manga!

18. Ore Monogatari (My Love Story) (2015)

MAL Score: 7.93

We all know looks can be deceiving and that is especially true here. While he may look like a thug, there is no greater wingman, best friend, and boyfriend to have by your side than Takeo Gouda. 

three anime friends sit on a bench

What’s it about: Takeo Gouda is a hopeless romantic who falls in love with basically any girl who’s nice to him. Considering he’s pretty scary looking at first glance, it’s easy to see why he hasn’t been that lucky with love. It doesn’t help that his best friend, Makoto, is the hottest bachelor ever. So when Takeo saves a girl named Rinko from being groped on the train, he’s not surprised to learn she has a crush on his best friend. 

Like any good friend, Takeo tries to help out by setting them up. Since he’s never actually been on the receiving end of a crush, he doesn’t realize just how wrong his initial assumption about Rinko is. When he finally realizes he’s the object of her affections, the two begin dating and that’s where the real fun begins, as Takeo does his best to be a good boyfriend. 

Why recommend it to your friends: Confession time! For years I scrolled past this series without giving it a chance, and now that I have, I regret not watching it sooner. I thought it would be a pretty bland comedy that made fun jokes at Takeo’s expense the whole time, but it wasn’t like that at all. It was hilarious, genuine, and everything you want from a fun, romantic comedy. 

The initial misunderstanding sounds cliche but works well for the series. It really sets up the comedic foundation of the show and had me laughing from the very beginning. It’s hard not to resonate with these characters because at some point we’ve all probably liked someone we thought was out of our league. This romantic comedy reminds you that love isn’t easy, but it’s definitely worth it when you find that person in the end. I can’t remember the last time I wanted to see someone succeed as much as I wanted to see Takeo succeed. He’s just that likable. 

If you enjoy the series, try giving the My Love Story manga a try!

19. Hataraku Maou-Sama! (The Devil is a Part-Timer!) (2013)

Mal Score: 7.80

As if working in a fast food joint wasn’t hard enough, imagine trying to do that while dating…and while literally being Satan from another world. 

What’s it about: Maou may seem like a regular, upstanding MgRonalds employee but he’s hiding one big secret. He’s actually an accomplished Demon Lord who accidentally found himself stuck on Earth. While his power level and appearances have changed, his mindset hasn’t. He knows he must do everything to “conquer this world” and go back home to Ente Isla. If that means playing by earth rules, getting a job, and paying bills, he’s going to do that to the best of his ability! What he doesn’t realize is just how hard supporting yourself on a fast-food salary is. He and his friends are definitely struggling overall.

It doesn’t help that his biggest enemy, the hero Amelia, was transported to earth as well. She’s not doing much better with her call center job, but she’s doing way better than Maou. Now on top of trying to make ends meet, he has to thwart off Amelia’s suspicions, and figure out how to navigate his co-worker, Chiho’s, feelings for him as well.

Why recommend it to your friends: When it comes to laughs, I can’t say I’ve enjoyed anything on this list as much as this. This is one series I recommend to all anime fans, whether they’re looking for an isekai anime, or a romantic comedy or anything really. It has the kind of humor everyone can enjoy.

Aside from being hilarious, there are a lot of other things to enjoy about the series as well. It offers a little bit of everything—great action, epic transformations, cute romance scenes and even magic! There’s definitely something for every fan here. 

anime girl looks romantically at anime boy

The characters are all super memorable and there isn’t one of them that I didn’t like. They’re all funny and add something to the show in their own way. This show found the perfect balance between not only genres but all elements of storytelling, to create something that is unique and lovable. If I could go back in time and rewatch this show for the first time, I would not hesitate.

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20. Sakura-sou no Pet na Kanojo (The Pet girl of Sakarasou) (2012)

Mal score: 8.15

In a high school full of ultra-talented kids, Sorota is trying to find his niche, but having the most cats isn’t exactly the coolest skill. Sometimes you need someone else to help motivate you to greatness. 

What’s it about: Sorata is a student at the prestigious Suimei university of the arts, but unlike everyone else there, he’s not exactly talented or even motivated really. His most interesting claim to fame is being forced to live in Sakura dormitory, a building where the school’s more eccentric students can work and thrive. With famous anime creators, hackers and writers living there, these students may even be more talented than the regular ones. Well, except for Sorata. With no special skills, even he would say his life is pretty boring until he’s suddenly forced to start taking care of his teacher’s niece and dormmate, Shiina. 


For a second things are looking up. Shiina might just be the most clueless, helpless girl in existence. She is the definition of “would lose her head if it wasn’t attached to her body” hopeless. She definitely makes Sorata feel needed. So when he realizes even someone as lost as her is a world-famous artist with major goals and ambitions, she’s suddenly so much farther out of his league than he expected. He vows to get out of the Sakura dorms in hopes that will change his life for the better, but he just can’t seem to stay away from Shiina and the other kids living there. 

Why recommend it to your friends: this series was a pleasant surprise that turned out to be a lot more layered than I expected (especially for a show where the opening scene is Sorata finding a random girl in his bed). There’s definitely a little fan service but nothing distracting that takes away from the actual series. 

Sorata is actually struggling with feelings of anxiety a lot of people can relate to, both in life and dating. Watching him fall in love with Shiina despite the fact she’s a complete space cadet. Their relationship feels like it’s built-in more than just attraction because they strive to be their best for each other. Also watching Sorota try to teach her the most basic of tasks is both adorable and hilarious because she really just has no common sense or survival instincts. 

There’s some other drama and love triangles that really round this show out and give it depth. It’s another one of those romantic comedies where I went into expecting one thing, like weird fan service, but instead, it surprised me in all of the best ways. 

If you enjoy the series, purchase The Pet Girl of Sakurasou Blu-Ray!

21. Skip Beat! (2008)

Mal: 8.11

They say revenge is a dish best served cold, and Kyoko has no problem playing the long game to get hers. 

What’s it about: Kyoko Mogami is a sixteen-year-old girl who gave up everything to support her best friend and crush, Shotaro Fuwa, on his journey to be an idol. She moved with him, pays their bills and does everything for him, if for no other reason than she loves in him and believes in him. So imagine her surprise when she overhears him telling his manager that Kyoko’s plain and boring and he’s just using her to support him while he makes it big. She’s devastated, but instead of sulking, she decides to get revenge by becoming a celebrity herself. 

Of course, this goal proves difficult, but Kyoko is nothing if not resilient and determined. As she climbs the ladder of fame, she encounters a lot of people, but no one quite like Ren Tsuruga, the hottest male celebrity out right now. Much like everyone else, he doesn’t respect her reasons for joining showbusiness at all. It’s hard to believe that revenge will be enough to carry her all the way to the top, especially when things get difficult, but Kyoko seems determined to make it in spite of all the obstacles. 

Why recommend it to your friends: This show came highly recommended to me and I can easily see why. Just the first episode alone is an emotional roller coaster that really grabs your attention, especially at the end! Once I started it, I had to know what was going to happen after Shotaro’s betrayal. 

You don’t often see revenge as the main plot in a romantic comedy anime, but it works well here. It starts off being solely about revenge but slowly morphs into a story that has a lot more to offer than that. The people around Kyoko genuinely want to see her succeed, which gives the series some actual depth and makes the revenge plot that much more ridiculous and funnier as a result. Of course, half the fun is just seeing if Kyoko succeeds in becoming a celebrity and I was rooting for her the entire time! I was so invested, I felt like Shotaro had personally wronged me and I couldn’t wait for her to give him a taste of his own medicine.

angry anime girl yells at anime boy

Still, the show doesn’t rely on only the revenge angle. The romance is just as compelling. I kept wondering which man would capture Kyoko’s heart in the end! Could Shotaro right his wrongs or would Ren slip in? No spoilers of course, but all in all, this series delivers everything you want from a romantic comedy anime!

Try checking out the Skip Beat! manga!

22. Special A (2008)

MAL Score: 7.53

Winning isn’t everything…but to Hikari Hanazono, winning against Kei Takashima is the only thing that matters. 

What’s it about: To say Hikari and Kei are rivals isn’t exactly wrong, but it isn’t exactly right either. Her whole life, she’s been the best, until Kei beats her at wrestling with relative ease the very first time they meet. From there she vows to beat him at something, anything, just one time! 

flustered anime girl and high school boy

Fast forward ten years, Hikari’s grown up to be an ultra-talented competitor and standout student in her own right. She’s even made it into her Academy’s “Special A” class, an exclusive class for the top seven students in her year. The one thing she still hasn’t done though, is beat Kei, at literally anything. She’s always coming in second place, which he makes sure to remind her of whenever he gets the chance. 

While Hikari loves to compete, that doesn’t mean she cares about Kei any less. They’re rivals in their studies and athletics of course, but their friends above anything else. Or at least, that’s what she thinks. To Kei, however, this all might mean a little bit more. 

Why recommend it to your friends: This anime is definitely a fun one. It’s over the top and campy. The competitions are exaggerated and wild! (Honestly, what high school students use WWE as a way to settle their differences?) Still, the storylines aren’t so out there that they take away from the story. It’s all meant to be in good fun and that’s what makes it hilarious. Hikari really does go all out for anything she does. 

Another selling point is how honest and genuine the relationships feel. Hikari and Kei have known each other for a long time and the viewers can definitely feel that. They respect and care for each other on a deeper level than just a surface crush, which makes watching their relationship progress that much more satisfying. It doesn’t feel rushed. Also, it’s nice to see the girl start off as the one getting crushed on, instead of pining after some random high school boy, for once. This definitely makes the series unique in its own right. 

Check out the Special A manga here!

23. Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken (I Can’t Understand What my Husband is Saying) (2014)

MAL Score: 7.34

It’s not often you see a romantic comedy anime centered around a married couple, but this series offers a different spin on a classic genre. 

What’s it about: Kaoru and Hajime are a married couple with pretty different interests and day jobs. While Hajime is a dedicated otaku while his wife doesn’t know much about anime or manga at all, but that doesn’t mean she loves him any less. 

romantic anime couple gaming together

This anime series, told in short three minutes episodes, follows the couple and their friends through various everyday scenarios. While that may seem fairly unexciting, Kaoru and Hajime are still navigating the ups and downs of being married and being young adults in general. Kaoru can’t cook, which he still loves her for. Hajime doesn’t have a real job (at least not one she can brag to the neighborhood housewives about) but that doesn’t mean she likes him any less. It’s the day-to-day things that make their relationship stronger and really make up the foundation of their relationship. 

Why recommend it to your friends: If you’re looking for an anime series that’s just as realistic as it is adorable, then this is it. This show is short, sweet, and wholesome. It’s easy to burn through a whole season in the time it takes to finish two regular anime episodes. Still, the short clips don’t take away from the series at all. They pack a lot of character development into three minutes, so you really get to know and love the main couple and their friends. 

Kaoru and Hajime and both a little quirky, but that’s what makes their relationship thrive. It also makes for some genuine laughs! It’s nice seeing a couple that doesn’t have it all figured out but is willing to work on themselves together. It gives all us regular folks out here hope for the future. Overall, this is one of the most realistic romantic comedy animes I’ve seen. It doesn’t try too hard to sugarcoat anything or make you laugh. It’s incredibly honest and that’s what makes it so enjoyable! It definitely makes you wish there were more than two seasons! 

Support the series by purchasing the I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying DVD!

24. Hachimitsu to Clover (Honey and Clover) (2005)

MAL Score: 8.04

I don’t know if I’ve ever experienced love at first sight, but I think we all deserve to have someone look at us the way Yuta looks at Hagumi.

What’s it about: This romantic comedy anime centers around a group of friends named Yuta, Takumi and Shinobu who attend the same art school and all live in the same apartment complex. For the most part, everyone’s focused on doing well and graduating, until Hagumi Hanamoto, a new art student gets introduced to the boys.

awkward dinner between anime friends

Yuta and Shinobu are both immediately smitten with her. Hagumi is adorable and shy, so Yuta takes a more friendly approach to his romance, while Shinobu is bold to the point of being strange. He’s constantly scaring her or asking her to pose for pictures but she eventually warms up to his odd advances, leaving everyone to wonder who’s going to capture her affections. 

Meanwhile, Takumi’s got a love triangle of his own going on with another student, Ayumi Yamada, and his co-worker. There’s definitely a lot of love to go around in this series, which means not everyone gets what they want in the end. 

Why recommend it to your friends: Of all the anime series on this list, Honey and Clover feels the most rooted in real life. The ensemble cast closely mimics a real college friend group and their dynamics. It sounds like a lot of storylines to follow, but they all mesh together well and are easy to keep track of.

While all the love triangles are fun and definitely leave you wondering who’s going to end up on top, you have to remember that not everyone wins in love triangles. The series is honest and doesn’t hold back when it comes to the realities of romance.

Still, with such a close group, the light-hearted and funny moments are still there. They stand out even more against the romance drama and really break up some of the tension. Overall, it’s a well-balanced series that isn’t afraid to remind you that love doesn’t always end up the way you would expect it to. This series is a little more focused on the journey rather than the destination, but both are still satisfying in the end. 

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25. Kimi ni Todoke (2009)

MAL Score: 8.00

If there’s such a thing as Prince Charming, Shouta Kazehaya is definitely him.

What’s it about: To all her classmates, Sawako Kuronuma, is frightening and unapproachable. The running joke is that she looks like the ghost from The Ring and that she can sense spirits. Despite what people say or think about her, she’s just as normal as any other high school girl, except maybe a little more awkward. 

anime girl looking scary

On the other hand, her classmate Shouta Kazehaya, is practically perfect. He’s a nice guy who all their classmates love and gravitate towards. He’s the opposite of Sawako, and also one of the few people who actually bother to talk to her. 

It’s meeting him that really changes Sawako’s life, helping her to branch out, make friends and speak up for herself. She begins to experience new emotions and she’s no longer the person who gets stuck doing all the grunt work around school. Sawako admires him and is extremely grateful for the way he’s improved her life, but she doesn’t realize that he might admire her just as much…maybe even more. 

Why recommend it to your friends: This might be one of the cutest shows I had never seen before. Usually watching two anime characters continue to misunderstand their feelings gets old and boring, but that isn’t the case here. Sawako and Kazehaya are two young kids trying to navigate their first loves and the relationship they’re building is based on a real connection and respect for each other. It’s the kind of love you hope to have one day and that makes watching them fall in love so worth the wait. 

One element that makes this romantic comedy unique, is that it’s just as much about Sawako learning to love and express herself as much as it is about falling in love. Aside from the ghost jokes, that’s probably what makes the anime so fun. Sawako goes through some growing pains and awkward encounters as she tries to speak up for herself and make friends, but the show has a good way of making those moments sweet and numerous instead of cringe or embarrassing (her chibi reaction face gets me every time!).

The whole time I watched the series, I just wanted these kids to be happy. It’s definitely a feel-good romantic comedy anime that delivers everything you want and leaves you feeling satisfied for sure. I will definitely be watching this one again. 

If you can’t get enough, purchase the Kimi ni Todoke manga!

26. Lovely Complex (2007)

MAL Score: 8.04

Despite how much they squabble, Koizumi and Otani were meant for each other. We’re all just waiting on them to realize it. 

tall anime girl stands next to short anime boy

What’s it about: At 172cm (5’ 8”) Risa Koizumi is taller than average for a girl her age, while Atsushi Otani is easily the shortest boy. At times it can be inconvenient for both of them, but never stop the two from taking harmless jabs at each other whenever they can. 

When they’re not cracking jokes, they’re both preoccupied with finding a significant other. Koizumi finally meets a cute boy who’s taller than her and Otani admits to having a crush on her tiny friend Chiharu. They devise a plan to set each other up, but when that totally backfires, they try making a bee bet to see who will get a boyfriend/girlfriend first. 

From there it’s the two get into a series of hilarious antics, mixed with some genuinely touching moments, like the concert, and interesting realIzations about each other that definitely leave you wondering when they’re going to realize they’re perfect for each other. 

Why recommend it to your friends: When I first went to watch the series, I wasn’t sure how I felt about it—but by the end of the first episode, I was pulled in. The two main characters really carry this series and the chemistry here is evident from the first time they start teasing each other. Koizumi and Otani are basically best friends, which makes every encounter feel that much more genuine. 

I had expected a show that was far more comedy and jabs at height than it was romance, but I was pleasantly surprised. The characters are far more layered than what you’d expect and this really elevates the show as a whole. There’s definitely a lot of jokes and teasing but as the viewer, you find them the funnier, the more the show goes on because you can really start to relate to everyone more. This is one of the few series where despite the teasing, you can tell the characters truly care about each other on more than a superficial level right from the beginning. It definitely feels like a real friends-to-lovers story! 

This series was an unexpected surprise. On just the strength of the two mains alone, it makes you want to keep watching just to see them interact. Of course, I wanted them to end up together like everyone else, but honestly, the two of them just hanging out and learning more about each other was what I found most entertaining. Once I started the series, I knew I had to finish, just to see what happened to them if nothing else! Definitely one of my favorite romantic comedy couples to date.  

If you enjoy the series, check out the Lovely Complex manga!

27. Boku was Tomodachi ga Sukunai (Haganai: I Don’t Have Many Friends) (2011)

MAL Score: 7.22

Making friends isn’t as easy as you think. For the Neighbors Club, it might actually be impossible.  

What’s it about: Yozora and Kodaka are both friendless high schoolers looking to change their circumstances. So together they start the Neighbors club as a rouse to make friends and form relationships with their peers. It seems like a brilliant plan, until the first person to join is the super pretty, super smart, and super popular Sena. It’s hard to believe that she could be on the lookout for friends, especially when she constantly has a fan club of boys following after her, but Kodaka boy convinces Yozora girl to let her in any way. 

anime boy and two anime girls play handheld video games

From there the quest to make friends begins and the group devises various schemes they think will help them to meet people. From becoming good at RPG’s to playing dating sims to learn how to talk to girls, they try different strategies with little to no success. If nothing else, they’re all kind of becoming friends—even if they don’t realize it yet. Some of them may even find themselves wanting to be more than friends as the club goes on. 

Why recommend it to your friends: This sounds like it has all the makings of a cheesy harem anime, and it does, buts it’s definitely not cheesy. Despite the fan service and its fair share of dirty humor, there’s some real depth to the characters and their reasons for wanting friends that really resonates with the viewers. The girls aren’t all here just to be sexy, mindless love interests for Kodaka. 

The most hilarious part is actually the relationships between the female characters. Yozora and Sena are constantly throwing jabs at each other and turning all their plans to make friends into competitions. If anything, Kodoka is often left in the background or trying to mediate, which brings some pretty funny jokes of its own as he struggles to be good at most of their schemes. 

The romance in this anime moves slower, but the pacing works well because it feels realistic. Nothing feels rushed and you really get to enjoy the characters becoming friends and then falling in love, as it should be! But if you do like a little splash of harem in your romantic comedy animes—the show introduces plenty more awesome girls for you to fawn over! 

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28. Bokutachi was Benkyou ga Dekinai (We Never Learn:BOKUBEN) (2019)

MAL Score: 7.31

Who knew the quickest way to finding romance was through tutoring?

What’s it about: if you’re a fan of the super-popular Quintessential Quintuplets, this series is pretty similar. Just like Futaro, Yuiga is a dirt-poor high school student, who gets offered a job tutoring several female students. Instead of doing it for money, he’s doing it for the chance to get a prestigious scholarship; and instead of the girls being hopeless all around, Ogata and Furuhasi aren’t dumb. They’re geniuses in fact—just not in the subjects they actually want to study. Honestly, when it comes to anything else, the girls are borderline clueless. 

anime boy and two anime girl studying

However, there’s one more student; Takemoto who is a sports star, with little to offer academically and needs tutoring to help her chances of getting a college recommendation. She definitely helps to round out the group more. 

Yuiga definitely tries his best, despite the odds being stacked against him. The girls are sick of having to change numerous tutors when they quit, but if he doesn’t produce results, he’ll be relieved of his duties anyway. You’ll definitely find yourself invested and seeing if they all succeed. 

Why recommend it to your friends: The girls in this series really stand out. They’re well-rounded characters who all have a lot going on beyond their tropes, mostly because what they want and what everyone thinks they want don’t match up. It was nice to know they were not perfect. They’re all pretty funny too, with their varying personalities creating room for different types of humor. 

This romantic comedy anime stands out because you can tell that Yuiga cares quite a bit, even beyond his scholarship. He’s also cooler than I was expecting—he’s not the most popular guy ever but he’s better at talking to girls than he looks. 

It stands out from other shows, even Quintessential Quintuplets, in that the romance isn’t at the forefront. It’s more subtle and eases its way into the show, allowing you to really get to know and like the characters. I found myself really invested in the girls and laughing quite a bit at their antics before I started focusing on romance. 

If you like the show, check out the We Never Learn manga!

29. Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai (The World Only God Knows) (2011)

MAL Score: 7.70

Conquering 10,000 girls would be pretty impressive…if they weren’t all virtual. 

What’s it about: Katsuragi is used to having any girl he wants, at least in video games. He’s well known for it actually, so when a random player challenges him to see if he can tame a girl, he agrees easily. 

anime boy playing handheld video game

Only there’s a catch…well a few catches really. First, the girl isn’t virtual, she’s real. Well, she’s sort of real. Actually, Elucia’s a demon from hell sent here to help capture loose souls and she’s tricked Katsuragi into helping her. Which wouldn’t be a big deal except, if he doesn’t fulfill their contract together, they’ll both be killed.

How does one capture a loose soul you ask? By taking over its place in the human heart, aka getting them victim to basically fall in love with you. Easy enough right? 

With everything on the line, Katsuragi tries his best to help out the people in need by capturing their hearts. It takes a lot of finesse and some crazy antics, but the girls lose their memory of the courtship once their loose souls are captured. Find out why in the anime. (Dang, all that effort gone.) 

Why recommend it to your friends: There’s a certain charm to this show that’s lovable and unexpected. I thought I had this show pegged—fantasy harem where some plain protagonist magically pulls girls despite his boring persona, but that wasn’t the case at all!


Katsuragi isn’t like your usual apathetic protagonist who’s insulting or just a loner because he has no friends. He’s a surprisingly charming kid who knows what he likes and he’s very much dedicated to that—but he’s not a bad guy, or even totally clueless about life, even if most of his logic is video game logic. He has a knack for applying dating sim scenarios in real and actually making it work! It’s kind of a gift really. As someone who sucks at dating games, I was definitely interested in learning all of his secrets!

This series has a lot of heart. It’s definitely got all the romantic comedy anime elements. The two main characters playing off each other are hilarious and they have good chemistry. Still, beyond that, the show really focuses on what forming relationships can do for others. It isn’t creepy and Katsuragi isn’t out just trying to hook up with girls. Mostly he’s trying not to die, but along the way, he helps people and it all feels very fulfilling. 

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30. To LOVE-Ru (2008)

MAL Score: 7.02

Imagine having super hot alien chicks literally falling out of the sky into your lap. That doesn’t sound bad right? Except when all you want is the cute girl from your homeroom. 

What’s it about: For years, Rito has been trying to confess to his crush Haruna. Every time he comes close, some inconvenience gets in his way. Usually, it’s nothing big…until the day an aircraft comes careening out of the sky and almost kills him. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the alien female manning the spacecraft, Lala, pops up in his bathtub later that night when he’s trying to forget about it.

romantic anime couple embracing

After trying to help her escape the bad guys chasing her, he finds out Lala is actually a princess trying to escape her fate. He’s more than happy to help but then Rito finds himself accidentally engaged to the alien princess. Now he’s stuck fighting off her royal family and other suitors all because of a misunderstanding. 

Why recommend it to your friends: if you’ve gone through this list looking for a more ecchi title, look no further. This is definitely the sexiest anime on this list. I’m not the biggest ecchi fan but it’s not all fanservice. I actually found myself cracking up five minutes into the show just watching Rito try to confess his feelings for his crush. 

There’s a surprising amount of action and story to follow here too with aliens and robots and even royal issues. Lala isn’t a ditzy object to be ogled and Rito isn’t solely focused on creeping on hot chicks. They’re both well-rounded, hilarious characters.

Plus, this particular romantic comedy anime comes highly recommended by Theanimeman himself! While the review may be more than a few years old, we can’t help but wonder if he’s still a huge fan of the series? The show definitely made our list for a reason!

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Relationships can be complicated, which is why finding a good romantic comedy anime should be easy! Whether you’re just looking for a few good laughs or trying to live vicariously through your favorite anime couple, we’re not judging!

Romantic comedy anime reminds us there’s a match out there for everyone, even if they’re an alien or a zodiac animal!

So it doesn’t matter if you’re in a committed relationship with anime, or just playing the field, there’s definitely a romantic comedy anime out there for everybody!