Comedy is one of the most ubiquitous sub-genres in anime. Finding a good comedy anime, therefore, is all a matter of taste. There are gag comedy, slice of life, action, skit comedy, rom-com, and a million more options to pick from. So to make it easier to find the good ones I’ve made a list of 30 comedy anime that I’ve watched and can attest to.

You probably won’t like every entry, but there is an entry for everybody. Skip around, try a title that sounds interesting. Then come back and tell me what you watched in the comments!

1. Aho Girl

MAL 6.85

Anime girl and dog reach for a banana

We’re starting off strong with the ridiculous antics of Yoshiko, the titular idiot girl!

Don’t go expecting something deep or emotional. This is a sitcom about a banana-loving moron and her childhood friend Akuru who can hardly stand her existence. This quirky and irreverent slapstick sees Akuru trying desperately to keep his monkey of a friend in line.

Every scene is a ticking time bomb to see what the idiot could possibly do next. It’s so bad that even the kids notice her infectious stupidity. 

With 12 episodes at 12 minutes apiece, it’s an easy watch that had me rolling. It’s a ridiculous, racy romp that’s perfect the way it is.

Add Aho-Girl manga volume 1 to your collection

2. Gintama

MAL 8.95

Gintoki and company posing for poster

The best way I can describe Gintama is like the shounen version of Deadpool. The fourth wall is meaningless, gags are cannon, edits are actually happening in-universe. It’s wild. It’s got the wild spirit of a gag show but the world of a serialized shounen.

It was a weekly staple of Shounen Jump from 2003 to 2019. It’s like the Naruto of comedy. It’s one of the longest-running comedies around that actually has a story to it.

If you’re worried about the commitment of a longer show, let’s just say there’s a reason Gintama owns 9 of the top 50 anime slots on MAL. It’s by far the most loved comedy anime around.

The Gintama manga is available right now.

3. School Rumble

MAL 7.92

Tenma Tsukamato and her friends

I’ll be honest, this is by far my favorite anime on this list.

It strikes the perfect middle ground between slapstick antics, love triangles, and emotional beats. You wouldn’t expect a scene where our main character must sled downtown to a Christmas party riding a giant curry dish to be emotionally significant, but it is.

That’s why I love it. It’s absurd, hilarious, but also deeply human, making it really unique from most comedy anime.

I can’t even pretend to be impartial about this one. School Rumble is one of the first anime I ever got on DVD back when Super Amazing Value Edition (S.A.V.E.) was a thing. 

Check out the School Rumble manga if you’d rather read it! Available on paperback or Kindle. That said the anime is better (speaking from experience).

4. Nichijou

MAL 8.47

Mai, Yuuko, Nano, and Mio doing a line dance

Nichijou is the art of following every joke to its illogical extreme. It reminds me of the Sunday comics in American newspapers the way every gag is so succinct and yet larger than life. The over-the-top animation they use for simple gags looks more like Dragon Ball than a slice of life! Kyoto Animation is wild.

( J – Video’s unavailable)


Even the most mundane situation is the biggest deal imaginable. A deer wanders into the school? Wrestling match! Dog bites your hand? Space laser!

Mio shooting a laser beam form her mouth

Just seeing how they will turn a perfectly normal situation into something ludicrous is so much fun it’ll have you binging. Not exactly your normal slice of life anime.

It’s a comedy that leans on the spectacle of its jokes rather than its characters. So if you’re looking for something visually stunning and funny, you’re in the right place.

You can pick up the Nichijou manga here to support the author.

5. Kaguya-sama: Love is War?

MAL 8.41

Miyuki Shirogane, Kaguya Shinomiya, and Chika Fujiwara draw a heart

Overthinking everything, the anime. Seriously, the characters have managed to turn the simple act of finding joy and love into a game of 4-D chess. Why? Because they’re idiots who think they’re the smartest people on the planet.

It’s kind of a Romeo and Juliet situation where both parties are too proud. Because of this, neither side wants to be put on the back foot by confessing first. So every episode is a strategic battle of wills to see who will cave first. Playing chicken with love.

The characters really grow on you as you watch them awkwardly fumble around towards love.

P.S. Aka Akasaka cited School Rumble as the inspiration for the series! They have a lot in common so if you like one, you’ll probably like the other.

You can check out Kaguya-sama: Love is War volume 1 here.

6. Hinamatsuri

MAL 8.19

Hina and Nitta dancing around town

There’s something so heartwarming about the Sink-or-Swim Fatherhood trope. Seeing someone with no experience suddenly thrust into a parenting role leads to such cute and funny interactions. So what if the father is a gangster and the child is a psychic?

Nitta’s a laid-back, pot collecting, bachelor without a care in the world. When Hina, the socially inept psychic suddenly appears in his house he’s forced to look after her. Watching these two selfish brats grow together is an absolute joy.

Of course, the best character is Anzu. You’ll know what I mean when you watch it. Just her presence makes this one of the most heartwarming anime I’ve ever seen, let alone comedy anime.

You can pick up the Hinamatsuri manga on Amazon

7. The Way of the House Husband

MAL 8.28

Tatsu and the housewives feeding a dog

This new Netflix anime follows Tatsu, a hardened gangster turned stay-at-home husband who does nothing by halves. Grocery shopping, cooking, aerobics classes, all done to perfection.

Gokushufudou is what you’d call a serious comedy. It’s funny because everyone takes things so seriously. As for as that feeling goes, House Husband nails is perfectly.

I just love seeing a hardened gangster doing normal housewife-type chores. All with the same attitude as when he would beat people to a pulp for a living. Such zeal! Such finesse! I’ll bet there’s not a single gangster anime around like Gokushufudou.

The first season is up on Netflix or you can pick up Gokushufudou volume 1. I’ve been reading for a while and can guarantee it’s funny.

8. Aggretsuko

MAL 7.68

Aggressive Retsuko looking cute

Based on the character from Sanrio, Aggretsuko follows Retsuko, a young office lady as she stumbles through working life. With all the stress and anger pent up inside her, the only way she can alleviate it is to sing screamo songs a karaoke.

I love that it shows reality in a lot of ways. Getting older, putting up with a cruddy job, finding your place in the world, as so on. Watching Retsuko stumble through it all is reassuring. It reminds the audience that they aren’t alone in their struggles. As funny and depressing as they may be to watch.

Since Aggretsuko is a Netflix Original Anime you can watch it right now on Netflix!

9. The Slime Diaries: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

MAL 7.55

Rimuru and his friends poster

With the main anime in an emotionally heavy arc right now, Slime Diaries takes a step back to have fun with the day-to-day operations of the monster nation of Tempest. It takes all the cuteness and silliness from the original and just baths in it.

No brainwashing conspiracies, no genocides, no war crimes, just cuteness. Just taking the comedy from the original anime without the violence.

It’s heartwarming and adorable to watch the antics of this diverse gang of misfits. It’s a lot of fun to watch them do things like go to the beach or celebrate Obon.

The franchise is based on the Tensura Light Novel but this anime, in particular, is based on The Slime Diaries manga.

10. One-Punch Man

MAL 8.54

Saitama training with Gino

With so much superhero media around these days, it can feel like there’s nothing new. Well, there’s still one!

One-Punch Man turns the superhero genre on its head. With no hair, no secret identity, and no enemy too strong for him Saitama is far from your average hero. And he’s not even a full-timer, being a hero is a hobby!

As the name suggests Saitama is able to vanquish any foe is a single punch. No matter if they’re a genetic killing machine, a space emperor, or a god, nothing can withstand one hit from the legendary Caped Baldy!

It’s hilarious to watch heroes putting their lives on the line, giving it everything they’ve got just to have Saitama roll in, instantly kill it, and walk away. It’s loads of fun to watch him deflate every world-ending struggle in an instant.

The show mixes over-the-top superhero battles and the comedically nihilistic perspective of an invincible god among men.

Written by the critically acclaimed ONE and illustrated by the award-winning Yusuke Murata, the One-Punch Man manga is the best way to experience the story after season 1.

11. Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto

MAL 7.58

Sakamoto eating onigiri in a cool way

Everyone has met a kid who thinks they’re cool. Someone who thinks they’re hot stuff. Well, Sakamoto actually is. He’s is the most perfect character you’ll ever see. It’s like watching Jesus himself moonwalk through high school life.

The fun comes from seeing how Sakamoto turns every situation into the best possible outcome. Nothing fazes the supernaturally perfect high school god.

And it’s not like he flaunts his supernatural coolness. Every situation ends up as a moral lesson that leaves those around him better for it. It really is like watching a god or a buddha going through high school.

The complete Sakamoto Desu ga? manga is available in paperback.

12. Angel Beats

MAL 8.12

Yuri and Angel, Kanade Tachibana, with computers

Angel Beats is one of the shows I grew up on. I found it on Netflix back when it was new and instantly fell in love with it.

The story follows a group of high school kids in the afterlife fighting against the unfairness of their deaths. While it’s best known for making people cry, you can’t deny how hilarious it is when you’re not choking back tears.

The show blends action, comedy, and music to tell a heart-wrenching story of grief and acceptance.

While it’s not really a comedy anime per se, it’s perfect if you’re looking for a good time with something deeper to it.

(P.S. I couldn’t be happier that it’s in the top twenty most popular anime on MAL)

You can watch Angel Beats on Netflix US. Also, check out other works by Jun Maeda. He’s the original creator of Angel Beats, Clannad, Charlotte, and other fantastic anime and visual novels.

13. Assassination Classroom

MAL 8.11

Korosensei being held at gunpoint poster

After blowing the moon to smithereens the immortal yellow tentacle monster known only as Koro-sensei tasks a class of middle school misfits with killing him before the end of the year. Otherwise, he’ll blow up the earth as well.

Like Angel Beats, this show blends fantastic humor and action with an emotional story that will stick with you. What starts as a silly gag premise evolves into an ensemble coming-of-age story where no character is left behind.

Not to mention Koro-sensei drops more nuggets of wisdom than a library in an earthquake.

The Assassination Classroom manga is available now in physical or digital.

14. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

MAL 8.43

Saiki K. doing the final supper pose

Saiki K. is in the same vein as One-Punch Man where it’s funny because they’re so OP. But not in the boring isekai protagonist sort of way. More in the it’s-no-fun-to-be-a-god sort of way (dang that’s a lot of hyphens).

I love how in spite of everything, Saiki is completely emotionally inept. Even with the ability to read minds, he can’t make heads or tails of the most basic social situations. While he’s never flustered, it is really fun to watch him flounder. Thanks to that Saiki plays straight man to literally every other character and it’s great.

Brings me back to those old straight man, funny man comedy duos like Abbott and Costello. It fits that style to a tie.

The Saiki K. anime is available on Netflix. Unfortunately, there is no official English translation of the manga.

15. Daily Lives of High School Boys

MAL 8.26

Tabata, Tanaka, and Tadakuni trying on girl's underwear

Daily Lives of High School Boys shows the silly and bombastic reality of being a high schoolboy. Making a big deal of even the smallest things.

It shows normal, mundane life in the most endearing way with spirit and guts! It felt like high school the way you thought it was.

By far the most relatable anime I’ve seen. It perfectly captures the tomfoolery of adolescence. It’s like they put up hidden cameras and just wrote down what they saw. It’s the closes approximation to real life I’ve seen, and it’s hilarious.

The Daily Lives of High School Boys manga is available on Amazon.

16. Cromartie High School (English Dub)

MAL 7.93

Kamiyama and Mechazawa with the Cromartie High crew

The best way I can describe this show is by letting you see it yourself.

Did you watch it? Then you understand. This isn’t your normal comedy anime!

Cromartie High School is a self-aware absurdist piece that is elevated even further by an incredible English dub. It asks for nothing but your befuddlement. It feels more like a bunch of people roleplaying in a game than actual humans.

It’s not for everyone. But those willing to brave weirdness and embrace vintage humor will find an unforgettable experience waiting for them. Just don’t drop any pencils.

The Cromartie High School manga is available on Amazon and the show is available on Amazon Prime.

17. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

MAL 8.00

Tohru, Kanna, Elma, and Lucoa coming home poster

Lesbian dragons. That’s the show. It’s a silly, slice-of-life comedy anime about a normal office lady, her live-in dragon maid, and all the antics that come with that relationship.

Like Hinamatsuri it’s a “suddenly family” sort of comedy anime that takes its time to explore the dynamic of said family. It’s a heartwarming and innocent story that never fails to impress.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is for people looking for a super cute comedy and are tired of high school tropes. It’s one of the most wholesome anime on this list and I can’t recommend it enough for that.

Also, season 2 is airing right now and so there’s even more to look forward to.

The Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid manga is sitting at 10 volumes with apparent plans for new stories.

18. Pop Team Epic

MAL 7.28

Pipimi and Popuko doing a Your Name parody with a nuke

This is hell. Pure chaos. A collection of gags and parodies without rhyme or reason. It’s like quickdraw SNL run by two vulgar 14-year-old girls. There’s no telling where it will go!

What’s more, each episode is actually only 12 minutes long. The second half is the same episode again, but with male voice actors. By far the strangest collage of nonsense I’ve ever seen. Yet surprisingly addictive.

There’s not a lot to say. The closes thing I can approximate the experience to is playing WarioWare. It’s a fast-paced, bizarre parody show that’s perfect to squeeze in when you have a few minutes.

The Pop team Epic manga by Bkub Okawa is available in paperback now.

19. Grand Blue

MAL 8.41

Iori Kitahara and crew going diving poster

Have you ever been part of a club? There’s something so calming about spending time with like-minded people doing something you enjoy.

When Iori moves in with his uncle to attend university he’s immediately roped into the local diving club. This merry band of drunken idiots force him out of his shell and into all sorts of compromising situations.

It’s a great show that looks at the party side of college, making it the only “fratboy” anime I can think of.

Grand Blue is great for its expressive humor. Everything feels so serious that you can’t help but laugh and question how it could have possibly turned out this way.

Iori running from his naked upperclassmen, senpai

The Grand Blue Dreaming manga (as it’s called in English) is 12 volumes in and still going strong!

20. Konosuba

MAL 8.14

Aqua, Kazuma, Megumin, and Darkness dancing

With the sheer volume of isekai anime out there it can start to feel predictable. An OP protagonist, a beautiful harem of ladies, and a demon king to beat. Now, how about a pathetic protagonist and a team of useless idiots?

Konosuba knows exactly what it is. It takes place in a videogame-esk fantasy world full of beautiful ladies and stars a self-insert, shut-in turned hero protagonist. Too bad for Kazuma he didn’t get any unique skills or special equipment, or even an allowance.

Instead, he gets saddle with a useless goddess, a pyromaniac, and a masochist. Even without any skills, he’s still the most useful of the lot!

Konosuba is a great subversion of the classic tropes that isn’t afraid to have fun with its premise. Also, the fanservice is a plus, given there’s few comedy anime like that on this list.

The Konosuba light novel is available in paperback or kindle format.

21. Combatants Will Be Dispatched!

MAL 7.13

Agent Six and Alice fixing the weather machine

Made by the same creator as Konosuba. The show follows Agent 6 and Alice, a pair of evildoers trying to conquer an alien planet of swords and sorcery. Some real Team Rocket vibes.

While not as beloved as its older sibling, Combatants is a fun show with a quirky sense of humor. I really enjoyed that it felt like the story was going somewhere. It’s got a clearly baked-in conflict that helps move the plot forward at a good speed.

The Combatants Will Be Dispatched light novel is on sale in physical or ebook format.

22. Azumanga Daioh

MAL 7.97

Azumanga Daioh poster with Chiyo and friends

Not a lot of anime are still talked about twenty years later, but Azumanga Daioh has that honor. It’s THE classic cute girls doing cute things comedy. It’s charming and cute, and has an opening that haunts my nightmares. Great to scratch the itch for classic anime.

It feels like a time capsule. So many memes, jokes, and references come back to this one show that it feels larger than life. It’d be worth watching it for the history, but it’s also just a really clever, cute show.

It’s the standard-setter for light, fluffy, popcorn entertainment, so sit back and much away!

The Azumanga Daioh manga is available in omnibus format on Amazon.

23. Squid Girl

MAL 7.44

Ikamusume Squid Girl wearing a sun hat

After her invasion of the surface world ends in resounding failure Ika Musume is forced to work at a seaside restaurant. Turns out superpowered tentacles and the ability to spit ink aren’t enough to conquer even one cranky shop owner.

It’s a classic alien comedy (well, she’s technically from the ocean but whatever) that I’ve loved since I was a teen. It’s just so cute to watch her scheme and plot to no avail.

While the manga is not officially available in English the Squid Girl anime can be watched on Crunchyroll.

P.S. I’m still bitter that I missed out on the Splatoon crossover event!

24. Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro

MAL 7.21

Nagatoro smiling at sunset

Talk about a success story. In a few short years, the author Nanashi went from drawing Naruto….”fan comics” to having their own work turned into an anime. Talk about a glow-up!

Nagatoro is the embodiment of the elementary school girl who bullies the boy she likes. It’s a sassy, cute, and a little risque rom-com about two people who refuse to express their feelings properly.

The thought of watching a girl bully some poor herbivore of a guy can be a little offputting. But, after episode one, it’s all in good faith and is more like the teasing from Teasing Master Takagi-san.

I highly recommend it for people looking for a light rom-com that leans into its ecchi side without going overboard.

The Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro manga is available in print or ebook format.

25. Teasing Master Takagi-san

MAL 7.74

Nishikata and Takagi walking home poster

Here’s another teasing-focused budding romance comedy, but chank the wholesome up to 11/10. You’ve got the painfully gullible Nishikata and the ever dubious Takagi going back and forth trying to prank each other.

Anime-Planet designates the show as “iyashikei”, or having a therapeutic, healing atmosphere. I can attest to this. It’s absolutely adorable to watch Nishikata try and try to even the score between them only to be bested on every turn by Takagi’s advances.

The Teasing Master Takagi-san manga is available for digital reading on Kindle and ComiXology. It’s up to 15 volumes and was popular enough to have a sequel series that’s up to 11!

26. No Game No Life

MAL 8.16

Shiro and Sora becoming kings

You may have seen the memes about no season 2, and there’s a good reason everyone has been begging for it since 2014. No Game No Life is an isekai anime where the heroes always win.

You might think that’s boring, but you’d be wrong. Both main characters are geniuses with IQs so high they’d make Light Yagami blush. So it’s less about whether they can figure it out and more about waiting to see what crazy feat they pull off next.

Now, this shows leans a little more ecchi than the others on this list, so be warned. Not exactly a watch-with-the-parents sort of experience, but nothing too bad. There are only a few comedy anime with fanservice on this list, but this one definitely has the most.

If you still need someone to sell you on it, Gigguk does a better job than I do.

The No Game No Life light novel is a great place to start or to continue the story after finishing the anime.

27. Asobi Asobase

MAL 8.19

Hanako, Olivia, and Kasumi using makeup to impress a gyaru

This is one of those gag anime that gets me with how extreme it goes on the expressions. Between Grand Blue and this, seeing the quick cuts to extreme faces always get me.

I don’t know how to describe it. It’s like they take their emotions and contort the character’s face until it matches perfectly.

Hanako making a stupid face while bored

The show has a beautiful, but simple art style that works as a perfect base for the contorted faces they pull. What they do is cute, but what they look like during the gags is like the Spongebob close shots.

Hanako making a scary faceSquidward close up ugly face

You can catch the Asobi Asobase anime on VRV however, the manga currently has no official English release.

28. The World God Only Knows

MAL 7.71

Keima Katsuragi posing with the season 1 girls

The World God Only Knows is one of the more shounen titles on this list. A dating sim otaku is forced to woo real women to save them from evil spirits. You can’t get more harem anime than that!

I’ve been loved this show for ages thanks to its quick wit, adorable characters, and engaging story. It’s got a unique premise that it takes full advantage of. Plus, you get the bonus of getting to see every girl “win” in their own way. You don’t get that with other harems!

It’s a silly comedy with a unique twist and a deceptively likable cast of characters.

The World God Only Knows anime is on VRV, but the manga has no official English release. This story is the reason I got back into manga, and I’m so glad I did.

29. Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san

MAL 7.31

Honda helping someone find a BL manga

Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san captures the strange and manic world of retail work. The crazy customers, the difficult interactions, and trying to deal with foreign clients. Having worked in retail myself I can totally relate!

The show is a funny and relatable collection of interactions at the bookstore where Honda works. I always laugh and cringe when he tells stories about dealing with American patrons. Also can’t forget the BL manga customers (I have a friend just like this)!

It’s a great, short comedy anime for people looking for a good time with low commitment. And I especially recommend it for anyone who’s worked retail. It’s just too relatable to pass up.

The Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san manga is available in paperback and ebook.

30. Ghost Stories aka Gakkou no Kaidan (English Dub)

MAL 7.69

Ghost Stories funny lines from the dub

So there’s a story to this one. This anime was a complete failure in Japan. Terrible ratings and reviews that made it a financial flop. HOWEVER, this is an English dub

Animax bought the English distribution rights not knowing it was garbage. So, when it flopped in Japan they gave up on it and just let the dubbers at ADV Films do whatever they wanted.

The result is the funniest, most offensive, most off-the-rails dub in history. It feels more like a Team Fourstar parody than a real professional dub, and it’s fantastic.

I can’t say it’s for everyone. It’s offensive and raunchy, but it is a one-of-a-kind gem that will never happen again. Sort of a vulgar, chainsmoking unicorn of an anime. 10/10 I can’t recommend it enough. There aren’t any other comedy anime like this and there never will be.

The entire Ghost Stories English dub is available on Crunchyroll and VRV so give it a look. And if you want to read about how this beautiful abomination came to be then check out this article by Hannah Collins.


There are a million more shows we could talk about, but I’ll end it here. Did you find something you like? Bet you a nickel you did! There is a comedy anime for every taste and a taste for every comedy anime. Humor is great like that. So come back here and peruse the selection again the next time you’re looking for a laugh!