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For many of us, myself included, our adventure into the world of anime began with the most popular adventure anime around. The Shounen genre sparked the adventure anime craze but several other genres have proven that they are also forces to be reckoned with. Chasing Anime has listed the top 32 adventure anime that need to be watched!

What is an Adventure Anime?

It is difficult to define “adventure anime”, simply because the genre contains so many variations.

Most adventure anime see the protagonist embark on a journey to explore new lands. They either do this alone or with a group of people at their side.

The journey can be physical, spiritual, supernatural, or even emotional. Usually, however, the result has the protagonist and his companions, show some level of growth when compared to their outset.

What is the Best Adventure Anime?

Hunter X Hunter is the best adventure anime. It has one of the highest scores on MAL (9.21) and fulfills all the staple criteria for adventure anime. It sees our cast traveling to new lands, facing tough challenges, and growing as people because of it.

For a look at some of the best adventure anime out there; Chasinganime has compiled a list of must-watch series that any adventure anime fan can’t afford to miss.

1) Hunter X Hunter

MAL: 9.21

Hunter X Hunter is synonymous with the term, ‘adventure’. If you look up the word in the dictionary, all you will see is this face staring back at you.

Gon giving a peace sign after winning his match at Trick Tower
Gon being victorious at Trick Tower

Gon, a young and adventurous child, sets out to take the Hunter Exam and attain the coveted title of ‘Hunter’. In doing so, he hopes to follow in his absentee father’s footsteps and, hopefully, uncover some of the mysteries surrounding his long lost dad.

Hunter X Hunter is the epitome of a great coming of age story. Departing as nothing more than a hyperactive child, Gon eventually learns to control his power and his maturity along with it.

Early on in the series, Gon is faced with a formidable opponent in Hisoka. While undergoing a challenge to steal the other’s tag, Gon finds himself at the mercy of Hisoka, who willingly forfeits his tag. Gon does not want to win in such a way but Hisoka refuses to accept it back. He claims that he wants to fight Gon when he becomes more powerful.

Sometime later, Gon and Hisoka meet for a face-to-face showdown. Gon has grown substantially since then and is finally able to give back the tag he had held onto all this time.

We all have a history we would rather forget. Failures, shortcomings, and embarrassments that plague our sleepless nights. Hunter X Hunter teaches its audience to revel in those moments. Learn from each mistake and use it to grow toward a brighter future.
Gon returning Hisoka’s tag.

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2) One Piece

MAL: 8.49

Following close behind Hunter X Hunter, One Piece is probably the most popular adventure anime to ever be released. I can’t think of something more adventurous than setting forth on a voyage across the seas in search of buried treasure!

The Strawhat crew's ship 'Going Merry' docked at an island (One Piece)
The Strawhat crew’s ship “Going Merry”

After eating a Devil Fruit, a unique that gives the consumer one of several varying powers, Monkey D. Luffy becomes imbued with the power to stretch his body like rubber. He sets out to sail the seven seas with his Nakama, unearth the fabled treasure and become the Pirate King.

One Piece does a lot of things well. Great music, great characters and great writing. What it does best however, is world building.

One Piece creates a world rife with life that almost starts to feel real once your suspension of disbelief kicks in.

The adventures we go on with the Strawhats directly impact the world around us. Bounties shift up and down, stricter regulations are put in place and characters both grow stronger or meet their demise.

Despite being set in such a fantastical setting, the world of One Piece mirrors our own with its dedication to things like politics, cause and effect.

How One Piece Takes Us on An Adventure.

With such an amazing world to explore, it would be fairly boring if we were forced to watch the life of a farmer play out on an indistinguishable island somewhere.

No; instead One Piece offers us the chance to go anywhere we want, secure in the knowledge that these absolute titans of combat, will in no way be fazed by anything thrown their way.
The Walk to Arlong Park

3) Goblin Slayer

MAL: 7.50

Goblin Slayer spits in the face of the traditional fairy tale adventure series. If face spitting is the kind of kink that you’re into, maybe you should stick around. There’s plenty more where that came from.

Goblin Slayer’s titular protagonist

Goblin Slayer sees the titular protagonist of the same name traversing through the world to eliminate each and every goblin from existence.

This anime seems traditional during the daytime. Potions, wizards, magic, and other adventure tropes are seen in abundance.

However, when the lights go out and the goblins make their appearance, the cheery setting is replaced with blood, death, and sexual violence.

After a novice priestess finds herself cornered by several advancing goblins, our hero shows up to save the day. Bloodied and frightened, this priestess mirrors our expectations as viewers.

We were all prepared for a light-hearted adventure anime in a magical kingdom. Yet, we were naively met with this grotesque abomination of a series instead.

However, as Goblin Slayer gestures to the priestess and, in turn, to the audience; he offers his name as an invitation to join him on this backward adventure.

Should you choose to let go of your preconceptions of a traditional adventure and any sensibilities you hold dear, Goblin Slayer offers a unique take on the adventure anime genre.
Goblin Slayer’s first appearance

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4) Sword Art Online

MAL: 7.30

Many anime lovers also hold a passion for gaming. I’m sure several of you have stayed up all night hooked on whatever game you were invested in at the time. The sun rises and you’re forced away to go to school or work, wishing you could play it forever.

But what if you could never leave?

Sleeping Asuna wearing a Nervegear helmet
Asuna wearing a NerveGear VR headset

After being trapped in a VR video game, where death in the game results in death in the real world as well, talented swordsman Kirito attempts to battle his way through a hundred-floor dungeon. The end goal – defeat the final boss. In doing so, he hopes to return, with his companions, back into reality.

Sword Art Online is a ‘love it’ or ‘hate it’ adventure anime. What it lacks in a strong narrative and realistically flawed characters, it makes up for in style and action.

This is an adventure we otaku have all dreamt of. Being transported into your favorite game to live out your wildest fantasies. We never think of the apparent risk associated with this however.

Sword Art Online does a great job of showcasing the consequences of getting what you wished for. Maybe adventures aren’t all they are cracked up to be.

5) Fairy Tail

MAL: 7.73

When one thinks of adventure, images that spring to mind evoke a sense of wonder, amazement and joy. If you are in the market for an upbeat and happy adventure, look no further than Fairy Tail.

Natsu and Lucy standing side by side

Sometimes you don’t want to see a bunch of goblins attacking unarmed civilians. You don’t want to see people pushed to the brink of death. You don’t want an adventure anime that’s too heavy on the heart.

Fairy Tail is the whimsical story of a group of mages who practice magic under the guild of the same name. When rookie magic user Lucy is invited into the guild by the hot-headed Natsu, the group try to tackle all the problems they face through love and friendship.

Fairy Tail has its sinister moments of course. However, the majority of the show is just as the concept would have you believe – magical. Humor is par for the course here as well.

Fairy Tail doesn’t want to dazzle you with its narrative. It was made for those seeking adventure from the comfort of their own home. It asks of you not of your power level for assisting in battle, but what flavor tea you would like to drink while joining in on the victory festivities.

Fairy Tail isn’t that serious, and that’s just fine.
A compilation of some funny Fairy Tail moments

6) Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic


Aladdin is a great Disney movie. One of the largest contributing factors of this, is Robin Williams’ excellent portrayal of the genie. An incomparable voice coming from a veteran actor. Robin Williams is great but…

Did you ever want to put him in your pocket?

A smiling Aladdin looking at the camera
A smiling Aladdin

With the mystical Djinn Ugo (located in his flute), Aladdin travels around the world. One day, he meets Alibaba Saluja; a young man in search of treasure from a nearby dungeon. The two team up and set forth on a course to explore the lands.

The two set off around the globe tackling various dungeons. Cameos from established characters such as Sinbad and Jafar also make an appearance in the first and sequel series. Magi also delves deep into themes of war, slavery and political corruption also.

I would recommend Magi to anyone who loved Aladdin and was saddened by its short runtime. Anyone looking to relive their experience in Agrabah should give Magi their attention.

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7) Digimon Adventure

MAL: 7.80

So, it’s come to this. Forced to pick a side. Digimon fans and Pokémon fans make their stand to fight for the anime they think deserves the victory. All I have to say is…

If you think the Pokémon anime is better than the Digimon anime then we can’t be friends anymore.

Digimon protecting their masters
Digimon protecting their masters

Similar to Hunter X Hunter, Digimon is all about growth. I mean, the focal point of the show is evolution. Not only do the monsters themselves evolve, but their human partners along with them.

This sentimentality isn’t to discount the battles though. Rest assured, if you choose to watch this adventure anime, you won’t be short of crazy monster fights to choose from.
Greymon Vs. Parrotmon

8) Pokémon

MAL: 7.35

Do…do I really need to explain this one? It’s Pokemon for crying out loud! You go out, catch monsters, and make them fight to protect your honor as a Pokemon master.

Ash attempting to get Pikachu into his Pokéball
Ash attempting to get Pikachu into his Pokéball

Ok now that all the animal lovers have officially left the room, we can discuss the even deeper intracies of forcing your beloved pets into hand to hand combat.

Pokemon is an adventure for the strategist. The kind of person who loves optimizing a strategy when present with a myriad of options. That’s ‘myriad’ spelled like this: ‘AN ABSOLUTE BUTTLOAD – SERIOUSLY, HOW MANY ARE THERE NOW?!

Type matchups, move choices, and abilities, all need to be considered, and that’s just for one member in your team of six!

Pokemon was also made for the collector. When we were young, many of us had trinket collections. Baseball cards, stickers; we scoured convenience stores, bookshops and discarded trash cans looking For that holographic Charizard card (just me who went dumpster diving?)

We were all adventurers when it came to completing our collection. Why not relive that excitement through the eyes of Ash and his Pokemon pals.

9) Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)

MAL: 8.45

Adventures often connote feelings of happiness. Visiting new regions and discovering fabled treasure. Most adventurers we have covered thus far (Luffy, Lucy, Alibaba, etc), set out on an adventure of their own accord.

Eren Jaeger wasn’t afforded such a luxury.

Eren, Mikasa and several Titans occupying a field.
Eren, Mikasa and the Titans

After the wall protecting his city is destroyed by colossal beings known as titans, Eren Jaeger vows to rid the planet of their existence entirely.

Attack on Titan appeals to a more mature audience. While I don’t inherently agree that adventure anime like Fairy Tail or Digimon can only be enjoyed by young children, I can see how those types of shows could deter a more aged viewer.

Attack on Titan is a dark adventure that centers more so around the planning of the adventure. Several episodes of this show do not feature fight scenes whatsoever. Instead, the overwhelming sense of dread gradually escalates, as the next twenty minutes are dedicated to cowering in fear of an oncoming threat.

Anime like One Piece are easy to watch but hard to relate to. When faced against a giant sea monster, I’m sure most of us wouldn’t buckle up and get ready to rumble.

Attack on Titan does a great job of expressing genuine human emotions to its audience. Unfortunately all of these emotions are rather negative. Anger, fear, and confusion are the set menu with this adventure anime. Were you to stand in Eren’s shoes, how long do you think you would survive?
Reiner trapped in the tower

10) Zero no Tsukaima (Familiar of Zero)

MAL: 7.35

Adventure doesn’t have to always be about fighting huge monsters and journeying across distant lands. Emotional adventures require just as much mental fortitude as any other kind of quest. Zero no Tsukaima uses love not only to enrich its action narrative, but focuses on the main relationship as an integral part of its story.

Louise and Saito blushing in each other's presence.
Louise and Saito blushing in each other’s presence.

Zero no Tsukaima is an Isekai anime. After living life until his teenage years in Tokyo, one day Saito is summoned to the mystical land of Halkeginia. Now he is forced to become the familiar of a student magician names Louise.

I’m sorry…did someone just…confess? In my adventure anime? In my magic-slinging, sword-swinging, action-brimming, “ThEy kIsS?! ArE yOu KidDInG?!”, adventure anime?!

Yes, it’s true. Zero no Tsukaima is one of the few modern Shounen that is not afraid to delve into the love-lives of its characters. Other anime will either only hint at such an affair. That, or have any intimate moments interrupted by a phone ring, door knock or giant monolithic sandworm attack (I’m looking at you, Cardcaptor Sakura).

Much like Sword Art Online, Zero no Tsukaima shows us the adventure of entering into a relationship with someone else. The initial attraction, building into infatuation and then even further into love. Entering into the honeymoon phase and fighting for the relationship when things get tough.

Most of us have undergone such a romantic adventure before. Zero no Tsukaima does a great job of tickling your nostalgia bone. For those yet to find their partner, Zero no Tsukaima does a great job of showing you what to look forward to.

11) Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

MAL: 8.13

Catapulting itself into the stratosphere of meme culture, here we have the internet’s favorite reference. If you’ve never heard of this adventure anime before, strap in; because things are about to get crazy.

Bucciarati licking Giorno's face
Bucciarati licking Giorno’s face

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is a story spanning multiple generations. The initial plotline follows the well-mannered Jonathan Joestar’s rivalry with his adopted brother Dio. Each subsequent arc follows a different member of the Joestar lineage (but all holding the nickame ‘Jojo’).

Let’s take a break from the adventure anime list for a second. This article has now become…


1) To be continued…

The To Be Continued sign featured at the end of a Jojo's Bizarre Adventure episode
The To Be Continued sign featured at the end of a Jojo episode

Usually accompanied right before disaster strikes in order to engage the viewer to continue to the next episode, fans have adopted this meme in order to imply a sudden disaster after a failed stunt for example.

2) It Was Me…Dio!

"It was me, Dio!" from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Dio spouting his famous line

Fans have used this iconic line to poke fun at those who have had the rug swept out from under their feet. Perhaps you clicked a link titled, “SuPeR SExY LaDy NUdEZ RevEALeD” hoping for something amazing. Unfortunately the trolls are abundant nowadays and if you aren’t getting rickroll’d, stickbug’d or Toyota Corolla’d, you are more than likely getting Dio’d

3) Your next line is…

"You're next line is..." from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
“You’re next line is…”

Jojo possesses the uncanny ability to foresee his opponents next vocalization. This often leaves the enemy dumbstruck at this eerie mind reading capability. Fans have started to use this for online individuals who attempt to backtrack on a comment or post they have made to Reddit, after it was met with animosity. “You’re next line is…”I was only pretending to be stupid to fool you guys”.

We see right through you anon.

Phew, looks like we’re out of time. There are so many more references that Jojo has to offer. This anime spawned the phrase, “Is that a motherf*cking Jojo reference?” among the community.

Adventures are best enjoyed alongside like-minded people with who you can get along well. Should you embark into the world of Jojo, rest assured that you have thousands of friends ready and waiting for you.

Just don’t be alarmed when you come across scenes like this.
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure cherry licking scenes

12) Samurai Champloo

MAL: 8.50

Do me a favor really quickly. Listen to this short piece of music.
Samurai Champloo OST “Kodama”

You’re welcome.

The three main characters from Samurai Champloo
Samurai Champloo cast

This one goes out to all the music lovers out there. This samurai anime is unlike anything you have ever…heard before?

Samurai Champloo’s plot focuses on three main characters. A young woman named Fuu who hires two samurai; Mugen and Jin. Together, the trio attempt to track down a mysterious samurai who smells like sunflowers, that Fuu wishes to find.

Samurai Champloo’s claim to fame is its soundtrack. Those not in the know may be surprised to learn that Nujabes developed this OST. Nujabes have always been famous for their chilled and mellow music.

What’s an adventure without a great backing track to go along with it?

13) Fate

MAL (Fate/Zero): 8.36

MAL (Fate/stay night): 7.36

Do you like History? Of course, you do! The only total bummer about History though, is that it wasn’t full of smoking hot babes, am I right gang?

Luckily for you, Fate was thinking the exact same thing and underwent their own adventure: to genderbend every historical figure known to man…or woman.

Saber meets Shirou for the first time. "I ask of you: Are you my master?"
Saber meets Shirou for the first time. “I ask of you: Are you my master?”

Where to begin with the Fate series? No seriously, that’s a genuine question. The watch order of this franchise alone is an adventure itself!

Each variation of the Fate series has a different storyline. However, the loose thread running through all of them sees human beings (dubbed Masters) summon historical figures (dubbed Servants) in order to battle each other in a war for the Holy Grail.

Gigguk created a very helpful guide for newcomers to the Fate franchise. Be sure to check it out to see just where you should begin.
Understanding the Fate series – Gigguk

Our protagonists usually travel across vast lands and encounter obtrusive obstacles. It’s your standard affair for an adventure anime.

How Fate Stands Out from Other Adventure Anime

Fate is such a gigantic franchise, with the resources available to invest in its already successful IP. Because of this, your adventure is not limited to only the big screen.

Dust off your reading glasses and get to work on the visual novels. If that isn’t your style, Fate Grand Order (FGO) is one of the most profitable cell phone games ever created.

Fate Grand Order - (Artoria Pendragon) Saber Noble Phantasm
Fate Grand Order – (Artoria Pendragon) Saber Noble Phantasm

If you’re more of a console or arcade gamer, several versions of the series have been ported to consoles in different genres be it fighting, action or RPG.

In Japan, arcade machines also allow Fate fiends to get their fix whenever they like.

A Fate Grand Order arcade machine
A Fate Grand Order arcade machine

Fate is the adventure anime that never has to end. Whether it be on the TV, computer screen, or in the palm of your hand, Fate will always be there to confuse both you and your sexuality.

I never thought I would have a crush on Leonardo Da Vinci!

14) Log Horizon

MAL: 8.02

Log Horizon follows the same beats as Sword Art Online. A group of people find themselves trapped in the fantasy MMORPG Elder Tale. When this anime first released, many people were quick to flock to the forums to brand it as an SAO clone.

However, it is what Log Horizon does differently that allows it to stand on its own.

Log Horizon cast looking toward the sunset.
The gamers of Log Horizon

SAO is gaming-lite. In my opinion, it was created to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. As such, very little detail is given to the actual gameplay involved in SAO.

Not all anime fans are gamers after all, and some may have been deterred by endless exposition about the ideal specs of each character.

Log Horizon was the anime made for the hardcore gamer. Much more care and attention is given in this adventure anime to the battle and combat mechanics, as well as all of the unique powers.

15) Made in Abyss

MAL: 8.77

The only place left unexplored in the world is the Abyss. The Abyss is an enormous cave system, rife with dangerous creatures and undiscovered relics.

Would you be brave enough to enter?

Made in Horizon green scenery
Made in Horizon green scenery

A young orphan named Riko dreamt of becoming a ‘cave raider’; the name given to those who seek adventure in the previously mentioned pit.

Wanting to follow in her mother’s footsteps and solve the mystery of the Abyss, Riko teams up with a humanoid robot named Reg and the dup make their way into the cave’s depths.

Made in Abyss taps into the human drive to attain knowledge. We all hate the feel of confusion and the inadequacy of being unable to comprehend difficult topics.

Think of it as a really difficult problem you have faced at work or school. You try to find the solution but as hard as your rack your brain, you just can’t solve it. Now imagine if the entire rest of the world was also trying to solve that problem alongside you.

The first person who found an answer would surely be met with untold praise and a deep sense of satisfaction. Competition and a thirst for knowledge are things that drive all of humanity to take action.

Made in Abyss keeps it’s viewers engaged with the promise that their dedication will not be handsomly rewarded.

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16) Rave Master

MAL: 7.28

From the same mind that brought us Fairy Tail, comes this overlooked gem. If you enjoyed your time with Natsu, Lucy and Grey, and were looking for something more, Rave Master will definitely scratch that itch.

Rave Master manga cover
Rave Master manga cover

The plot of Rave Master can get very complicated. In its simplest form, the story filled a boy named Haru’s journey as he searches for several magic jewels, known as Raves. Once he collects them all, he will attempt to use them to destroy the terrorist organisation  known as Demon Card.

If you like Fairy Tail, I cannot recommend Rave Master enough. Not only are the fights and action scenes incredibly exciting but the comedy rivals that of it’s sibling as well.

Those in the mood for a good funny bone rubbing should definitely give Rave Master a watch.

17) Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai)

MAL: 7.97

Adventures are best embarked on with a plentiful party of participants. If you aren’t such a solo player and prefer banding together with a large group of comrades, 7ds has some of the most unique and powerful Nakama you could ever hope to find.

Seven Deadly Sins group of characters
Seven Deadly Sins group of characters

The Seven Deadly Sins were an order of knights who disbanded years prior due to supposed mutiny. After returning from hiding, Princess Elizabeth joins forces with Seven Deadly Sins leader Meliodas, to recruit the former sins, clear their names, and reclaim their land from the tyrannical Holy Knights

Seven Deadly Sins is a Shounen like no other. If you were disappointed in the lack of development for your favorite side character in anime such as Naruto or Bleach, Seven Deadly Sins dedicates a lot if it’s time to either developing it’s main cast or at the very least, creating a more memorable supporting cast.

Each of the sins has an interesting backstory and their own personal vendettas against a demon named Fraudrin; the demon who manipulated them into unsealing the demon race from their prison. As they fight we uncover new information about each character – especially Meliodas who is revealed to be the demon King’s cursed son.

If you love a large cast of interesting characters, Seven Deadly Sins is a must watch.

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18) Majo no Tabitabi

MAL: 7.64

You hate large groups. Hate prolonged interactions. Hate wizards.

If this describes you, Majo no Tabitabi could be your perfect match.

Elaina looking happy >.<
Elaina looking happy >.<

The plot follows the travels of Elaina. Having long-held aspirations of journeying around the world, she now sets out and encounters many different people along the way, often assisting them in their troubles.

Unlike Seven Deadly Sins, Naruto and Bleach, here we are given a more personal take on the adventure anime, following solely Elaina. We get to witness the adventure from one perspective. While it may seem boring to only follow one narrative, I would argue the opposite.

“A camel is a horse designed by a committee” and “too many cooks spoil the broth” are very famous idioms. The meaning implies; giving too many people a say in what should be done in any situation, will often result in disaster (apologies to the camels who were offended by this section).

Likewise, in storytelling, if everyone tried to recount a story, likely facts will become jumbled and timeframes will be mistaken. Through Majo no Tabitabi, we get to relive the bedtime stories our mother used to read us before bed. Hearing tales of faraway lands and liberated citizens.

There isn’t much better than a bedtime story from mom.

19) Mahou Shoujou Lyrical Nanoha

MAL: 7.43

Nanoha is a timeline adventure in that this tale spans multiple years. Similar to Jojo in a sense but retaining its main character throughout.

Nanoha posing with her staff.

Each arc follows a different storyline but the central focus is often Nanoha and her adventures with her magical partners.

This is a great contrast as while Jono presents us with new characters to fall in love with each series, Nanoha allows the viewer to witness its protagonist grow before passing the reins to a new protagonist that Nanoha trained.

If you get very invested into a story and it characters, Nanoha provides excellent service.

If you have ever finished a book or tv show and thought, “NO! IT’S NOT ENOUGH! I NEED TO SEE THE LIFE OF THIS CHARACTER UNTIL THEY DIE!” Nanoha should be able to appease your tastes.

20) Accel World

MAL: 7.35

You’re fat and nobody likes you!

Good; now that I have your attention, let’s talk about Accel World and why being fat can sometimes result in untold fame and a beautiful girlfriend.

Haruyuki and Kuroyukihime blushing
Haruyuki and Kuroyukihime

Ok, so while there is not a direct causal link between Haruyuki Arita’s weight and his social success, Accel World wants to drive this message home. The outside is not what matters. It’s the demonstration of true character that can captivate one’s peers.

Accel World is the story of Haruyuki Arita; an overweight and bullied middle schooler obsessed with video games. Unlike our traumatised pasts however, one day Haruyuki is introduced to an Augmented Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (ARMMORPG) called Brain Burst.

The game speeds up a person’s mental faculties to such a degree that time itself around them appears to stop. Together with his attractive upperclassmen Kuroyukihime, they attempt to reach level ten of Brain Burst, discover the game’s creator and come to know its true purpose.

How Accel World Details the Adventure to Confidence

Accel World reopened some long sewn wounds. I must admit, even I dislike watching such a protagonist at first. Perhaps because most of us use anime to escape, it’s enjoyable to watch the kinds of people we strive to emulate. If I wanted to watch someone overweight being bullied for twenty minutes I would just open my old year book and re-watch some memories.

Accel World’s adventures are two-fold. The surface level adventure and the emotional adventure. While we as viewers are not so braindead as to believe that one day fame, fortune and love will so elegantly be dropped onto our laps, Accel World give us the exaggerated version of a ‘what if’ scenario.

By showing you Haruyuki achieving so much by accepting who he is and never giving up, the creators hope to inspire a generation of teens who are going through similar circumstances.

It isn’t just about conquering obesity. It’s about conquering the mental block that shames us for not only our appearance, but everything we may feel embarrassment towards. Be it a dislike of your nose, your skin, your taste in music, or anything else that defines who you are; Accel World wants you to know that you are beautiful inside and out and will love you all the same.

21) Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer)

MAL: 8.68

If you are an elitist, and only choose to dine on the very most gourmet styles of animation and story, then do I have an anime for you.

Kimetsu no Yaiba water breathing form attack against a demon
Kimetsu no Yaiba water breathing form

Tanjiro, a well-mannered teenager and humble charcoal salesman, one day returns from an outing to find that his family has been murdered by a demon. However, his sister, now transformed into a demon, has been left alive. Together, the two depart the quaint cottage they once lived in, to find a cure and turn Nezuko back into a human.

Kimetsu no Yaiba is a powerhouse. The show managed to rival One Piece in manga sales and for those unaware, this is unheard of. One Piece is and has been the undisputed king of manga turnover for decades. Yet, here comes the new kid on the block to throw their hat into the ring. Or should I say, throw their hanafuda earrings into the ring?

One of the reasons many set out for adventure is the opportunity to explore new worlds. Those who have lived in their hometown for the majority of their life can understand the mundanity of viewing the same unchanging scenery each and every day.

Going even a step further, a lot of anime also have similar art styles. it can also get repetitive watching the same styles of animation day in and day out.

Kimetsu no Yaiba blows the roof off any preconceived notions you had toward the limitations of animation. Once you witness the lustrous set pieces and gorgeous flowing animation, you will not be able to return to the stunted CG renders you once held dear.

Those looking for an adventure set in vibrant and awe-inspiring settings can look no further than Kimetsu no Yaiba

Continue reading Kimetsu no Yaiba from where the anime stopped by purchasing the manga.

22) Cardcaptor Sakura

MAL: 8.16

Cardcaptor Sakura is an adventure two times over. Depending on which version of the show you choose to watch, an entirely different adventure is in store for you.

Li Syouran and Sakura Kinomoto staring at each other from Carcaptor Sakura Clear Card
Li Syouran and Sakura Kinomoto

After opening an old book, Sakura mistakenly releases several magical Clow Cards into the world. Each card is possessed by some kind of spirit and it is up to Sakura to track down all the cards, defeat the spirits and return them safely.

Cardcaptor Sakura was released in two variations. The original Japanese version; untouched and unedited, and the 4Kids dubbed version (titled just, “Cardcaptors”); which was heavily edited in order to appeal to a male audience (who populated the majority viewer base of anime at the time in the West).

Cardcaptor Sakura is a love story, through and through. Scenes with action are aplenty but it is always used to further the romantic relationships of the cast. Many of these scenes were removed for the English dub. The focus was instead shifted to the monster fights. Li Syaoran; Sakura’s love interest and a solidified side-character, was also pushed to the forefront and given more screen time.

Who wants to watch a show with a girl protagonist, am I right guys? Gross!

If you have ever read a choose your own adventure novel, this would be the anime equivalent. When faced with a choice in such books, you could either choose the left path to take shelter at a nearby inn or the right path to valiantly proceed into battle.

Likewise, if you prefer a more subdued, thought-provoking, and heart-wrenching story about love, watch the Japanese version. Or you could just be a filthy casual and gorge yourself on the dubbed version.

I think you can guess which one I’d recommend more.

23) Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

MAL: 9.22

Widely renowned as the greatest anime of all time, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood blends a perfect cocktail of action, story, and character development.

Edward Elric performing alchemy from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
Edward Elric performing alchemy

Fullmetal Alchemist is a story about loss. After a failed transmutation that was supposed to bring their deceased mother back to life, both the Elric brothers are left missing parts of or their entire bodies.

After the older brother, Edward, links his brother’s soul to a piece of armor; he modifies his missing limbs with metallic substitutes. The two embark on an adventure to return their bodies to normal.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and the 5 Stages of Grief

If you have ever lost something important to you, Fullmetal Alchemist taps into the sense of despair you experienced. The five stages of grief are recognized as; denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally, acceptance.

Our protagonists deny their mother’s loss, becoming angry at the unfairness they have been dealt with. They then try to bargain with God and return their mother to life. They become depressed at their failed experiments until ultimately…well, I suppose you’ll just have to watch it for yourself to see if they make it to the final stage of acceptance.

Fullmetal Alchemist teaches us that nothing is lost forever. Even if something can never be physically retrieved, our mental state can be remedied through time and compassion. Never give up trying to reclaim what you once had, even if that reclamation is only metaphorical.

24) Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? (DanMachi)

MAL: 7.67

It’s a harem adventure.

Do you need more incentive?

Bell and Hestia brushing their teeth - DanMachi
Bell and Hestia brushing their teeth

Join 14-year-old Bell Craner, a budding explorer under the goddess Hestia, as he travels the globe in search of adventure. Unbeknownst to him, however, several mortals, deities, and even Hestia herself, slowly begin to develop affections towards him.

A fairly by-the-books harem but also one that just nails all the tropes associated with the genre to such a degree, that I couldn’t stop watching.

As all of us anime and game lovers are well aware, sometimes we just have too many girls throwing themselves at us. It can be difficult to choose the perfect girlfriend when so many cute options willingly present themselves. DanMachi is perfect for helping you navigate this rigorous obstacle course in your own dating lives, by listing the criteria by which to judge your potential partners.

DanMachi's Hestia
DanMachi’s Hestia

In all seriousness, DanMachi is a great anime for those who enjoy love interests littered throughout their adventure. While playing through an RPG, if you ever wanted to stop by at the local village and take the milk maid out on a date before venturing onwards to slay a mighty dragon, DanMachi is perfect for you.

25) Cowboy Bebop

MAL: 8.79

A gritty and realistic adventure about bounty hunters juxtaposed next to a fantastical space-western setting. Cowboy Bebop is an icon of the anime industry – truly timeless in its narrative.

Spike and Faye Valentine smoking
Spike and Faye Valentine smoking

Cowboy Bebop follows the lives of a group of four bounty hunters (five if you count goodest boy, Ein) as they travel across the galacy.

Cowboy Bebop’s excellent writing and gritty realism is what has kept viewers watching and re-watching this show for more than twenty years.

If fantastical settings featuring larger than life monsters and out-of-this-world powers do not appeal to you, Cowboy Bebop takes the premise of an adventure, implements it into its set pieces, before subverting the genre with its character writing.

Truly a masterpiece in animation.

26) Dragon Ball

MAL: 8.02

What can be said about Dragon Ball? The grandfather of the Shounen genre, this anime inspired a new generation of action adventure anime. If you have not watched this anime yet, it may be time to pay your respects.

Dragon Ball's Goku

Dragon Ball, in its original incarnation, follows the life of Goku, as he hopes to find the seven mystical dragon balls and summon a powerful dragon named Shenron who can grant whoever summoned him their greatest desire.

If you like screaming, then do I have good news for you. Dragon Ball is an adventure anime about fights. Yes, the characters explore new and interesting worlds, but ultimately, these worlds will soon be decimated once someone goes SSJ2.

Adventures aren’t always about exploring new worlds, they can also be about exploring new people and enemies as well. Dragon Ball’s cast is massive as one would expect from such a long-running show. As such, the enemies have also evolved over time to become more threatening to our protagonists.

It seems there is no cap on the power-up potential of characters in this show. If you are a fan of fight scenes and twenty-minute screaming matches, Dragon Ball should satisfy you.

27) Spice and Wolf

MAL: 8.28

Another lovey-dovey adventure but not in the same vain as Zero no Tsukaima. Spice and Wolf offers something to a more mature audience.

Kraft Lawrence and Holo riding in a wagon
Kraft Lawrence and Holo

The story revolves around Kraft Lawrence, a travelling merchant who meets a wolf deity named Holo. The two decide to travel together and go on many adventures.

Due to the age of our cast, the romance in this anime is much more in line with what one would expect from a pair of graduate students.

Zero no Tsukaima plays up to the audience the immature uncertainty of love. The jealousy, the embarrassment and everything else that teenagers succumb to when searching for love.

Spice and Wolf sees the protagonists journey through the gauntlet of romance but in a much more adult-like manner. If Zero no Tsukaima annoyed you due to the immaturity of its cast, you may find Spice and Wolf more appealing.

28) Inuyasha

MAL: 7.85

Many people’s first leap into the world of animated romance comes Inuyasha; a beautiful love story set in the interesting backdrop of a world gone by.

Inuyasha and Kagome
Inuyasha and Kagome

Inuyasha is the protagonist of this show and a half-demon. He sought a magical jewel, hoping it could transform him into a full demon. However, the jewel was accidentally shattered by the reincarnation of a goddess. The two reluctantly decide to work together to recover all of the fragments scattered across Feudal Japan.

Inuyasha is another romance anime but not one without action and exploration as well. The anime does a great job of pacing itself so as to not have the romantic climax peak too early.

The setting of Feudal Japan is also incredibly interesting for those interested in anime or Japan in general. Being able to explore such a world through this medium is great for both entertainment and as a learning resource.

Not so much the devil dog protagonist but you get what I mean.

What is also great about Inuyasha is that it has very strong male and female leads (which is very rare to find in Shounen at the time). As mentioned previously, even anime like Cardcaptor Sakura where stripped of all they were worth in order to appeal to a male audience.

It is great to see the birth or at least one of the ancestors of gender equality in Shounen anime. While it may seem commonplace during the present, the adventure to get here was one long struggled toward. Many anime (such as Cardcaptor Sakura) lost their lives fighting the adventure for direct localizations and Inuyasha was at the forefront of this revolution.

29) Tower of God

MAL: 7.77

Rarely do we see Korean works discussed when comparing anime but Tower of God made such an impression on us, we felt that it had to be included on this list.

Baam drawing his sword
Baam drawing his sword

Story protagonist Baam, is a young man trapped at the bottom of a tower, with only his childhood friend Rachel to keep him company. All he wanted in life was to continue living in her presence. However, one day, Rachel voices her desire to conquer the tower, leaving Baam behind. Baam, unable to live without her, desperately follows behind.

With a very unique art style, this anime has been adapted from the Manhwa by Korean artist SIU. It is great to see Korean representation in the anime world and with Korean culture growing exponentially each day, it is only a matter of time before more and more Manhwa make their way onto the big screen.

Korean culture has exploded into the mainstream in recent years. Whether it is Korean dramas or K-pop music, people are finally coming to realize the amazing media that this country has to offer.

if you are a fan of Korean culture and Korean entertainment, I cannot recommend Tower of God enough for that fact alone.

30) Itai no wa Iya nano de Bougyoryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu (BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense)

MAL: 7.62

Now that is a mouthful and a half. A very cute and light-hearted adventure set in a VRMMO landscape similar to Log Horizon. Our protagonist, however, differs from the typical protagonist of such anime drastically.

Bofuri cast members
Bofuri cast members

After receiving an invitation to join her friend in the new VRMMO New World Online, Kaede agrees to join despite being a complete novice. Absolutely petrified of receiving damage, she allocates all of her skill points into defense and vitality. This leads to her gaining the reputation of ‘unkillable’ among the other players. With much to learn about herself and the games, she teams up with several other players to embark on several adventures.

Bofuri, the Joy of Breaking the Status Quo.

Bofuri prides itself on the enjoyment one can have during their adventure when not conforming to a set path. While preparation is surely important (emphasized by the players in the game who go for a more specialized build), our protagonist prioritizes fun and exploration. This in turn, rewards her with many fun skills that compliment her insanely high defense.

The entire show holds notions of breaking free from the shackles that tradition would have bind us.

Kaede causes headaches for those in power at developer meetings, as they constantly complain about how she doesn’t follow a set path. She is also garnering too much attention for her quirky playstyle which is not what the developers wanted to promote.

Focusing on what she wants to do, rather than following the best guides available, she is rewarded with an overall more enjoyable experience. I think we could all learn a lesson as sometimes it’s just better to stop obsessing with best pathing and enjoy the game.

Bofuri is a wonderfully inspiring adventure anime that I think everyone should watch when they need to feel motivated.

31) Golden Kamuy

MAL: 7.79

An adventure inspired by real life events. if you were ever in need of a splash of reality in your adventure fiction, then look no further.

Golden Kamuy cast blushing
Golden Kamuy cast blushing

Saichi Sugimoto, a veteran of the Russo-Japanese war, goes on a quest to find a huge fortune of gold left behind by the Ainu people. he is joined by a young Ainu girl named Asirpa.

This is a great adventure and one that can inspire real life treasure hunting (with safety precautions I hope).

The story references several real-life events such as the 1904 Russo-Japanese War and the Battle of 203 Hill. In order to ensure there were no factual inaccuracies, an Ainu language linguist was also hired for the series.

This anime is great for those who love exploring different cultures. Travelling around the world is an adventure in and of itself. Seeking out new lands, new people and learning new ways to look at the world.

Likewise, in this anime we learn so much about the Ainu people (how they hunt for example). It’s very interesting to gain such knowledge and be able to apply it to a people still alive today.

Golden Kamuy is a great anime for those who seek adventure exploring the real world. Get ready for that adventure by binge watching this series first.

32) Dog Days

MAL: 7.00

Another Isekai anime and a possible allegory for racial divides acted out by the warring nations of a populace of cat and dog people?

Dis gon b gud.

Dog Daysladies wearing towels
Dog Days characters

In the magical world of Flonyard, wars are not battled with violence. Instead, akin to sports festivals, champions compete to raise money for their home kingdoms. After being summoned to the dog-like kingdom of Biscotti Cinque must fight to uphold their honor.

Upon gaining the knowledge that he cannot return home, Biscotti scientists attempt to find a solution to this predicament. In the meantime, he must serve Princess Millhiore by continuing to fight as Biscotti’s hero.

“Baby’s first race war” I like to refer to this anime as. Adventure isn’t always about fighting baddies and trekking through unexplored dungeons. There is a lot of politics that go into the molding of the lands that our heroes explore.

While you won’t see any hardcore prejudices in this anime, it is a great look into the reality of how politics and adventure can intersect. If only real-world could strive to be as accepting toward such notions as Dog Days has been.

33) Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo (KonoSuba)

MAL: Season 1 – 10 episodes (8.11), Season 2 – 10 episodes (8.26), Movie: Kurenai Densetsu – 1 episode (8.44), Side series: Sekai ni bakuen wo – 12 episodes (7.49)

Get ready for an adventure filled with Chaos, Comedy and never-ending Craziness with KONOSUBA!

Aqua, Kazuma, Megumin, Darkness showing thumbs up signAqua, Kazuma, Megumin, Darkness showing thumbs up sign

What’s it about: 

What first comes to your mind when you think of a ♢GODDESS♢? Majestic? Enchanting? All-Knowing? Powerful?

Adding a goddess into your party is the most overpowered thing. However, Satou Kazuma would soon come to regret his decisions as Aqua, the goddess of water, is UTTERLY USELESS! To add on, his other party members with similarly high class occupations, Megumin and Darkness, are not any different.

KonoSuba brilliantly captures the absurd yet relatable dynamic of these four main characters. Although a seemingly dysfunctional group, their interactions weave a tapestry of hilarious moments that’ll keep you thoroughly entertained. 

So, what sets Konosuba apart as a fantastic comical parody?

Why you should watch: 

Beneath the facade of chaos and lightheartedness, the story delves into a more profound exploration of genuine friendship dynamics. Have you ever felt like no one understands you? Do you find it difficult to express yourself to others in fear of rejection and discrimination? 

The quest to find “True Friends”, one whom you can be your authentic self while also growing together, is challenging. Such connections are truly hard to come by. Everyone has their own unique charm but not everyone can accept you as who you are. It’s a dream everyone has definitely wished for at least once in their lives. 

Konosuba portrays just that. Even if each of the characters have a thousand weaknesses, they all know that they can trust their back to one another. Together as a team, can each of them shine the brightest as who they truly are.

34) Dr. Stone

MAL: Season 1 – 24 episodes (8.28), Season 2 – 11 episodes (8.17), Season 3 part 1 – 11 episodes (8.15), Season 3 part 2 – 11 episodes (8.41)

Urgh… Textbooks….. The very essence of agony and pain. The ceaseless barrage of words and information to commit to memory… If only there were a more engaging and enjoyable approach to learning.

Ask no further! Senku is here to save your day! He’ll turn your science lessons into an exciting game, so captivating that you’ll find yourself exclaiming, “THIS IS EXHILARATING!”

Senku leading his comradesSenku leading his comrades

What’s it about: 

In a flash of mysterious petrification, the world regresses to a primordial state. How would you survive in the stone age? 

This isn’t any trouble for the genius mad scientist, Senkū Ishigami. “I’m going to use the power of science to save every single person” 

Watch as he rebuilds his kingdom of science and resolves the mystery behind “Why-man”. If he says he is going to do it, he will accomplish it. No matter how crazy the idea may be or how impossible it may sound, Senkū will amaze you with his astounding knowledge and comprehension in science.

Why you should watch:

In an age of unparalleled convenience, it’s easy to take everything for granted. With a mere tap of your fingers, information and items are readily at your disposal. However, in a world regressing to its primitive state, the most basic necessities like food and water become elusive.

Here’s where things get interesting. Enter Senku, armed with an encyclopedic knowledge of science, recreates modern wonders like telephones, cup noodles, and even Coca-Cola. Each “new” invention is not just a revelation but an engaging lesson in the underlying scientific principles. It’s a captivating approach to learning that may make you wish your science classes were this thrilling.

Watching Senku’s journey also prompts you to appreciate the marvels of our everyday life. The anime poses a fascinating question: Would you be able to survive in the same conditions with nothing but your scientific know-how?

If your answer is “no”, here’s a shout out to you to step into the world of Dr. Stone. It’s an enriching and enthralling experience like no other. No regrets.

35) Black Clover

MAL: Season 1 – 170 episodes (8.15)

If you are a fan of Harry Potter, Black Clover may be the one for you!

Two orphans set out on a journey to prove their magic prowess. Soon, they unravel the mysteries of their birth and confront their destiny laid before them.

Doesn’t it sound oddly similar? Well …… that’s an adventure for you to find out!

Yuno and Asta

Yuno and Asta

What’s it about: 

In the Clover Kingdom, each 15-year-old confronts destiny through the grimoire acceptance ceremony. Asta Staria, an orphan from Hage church, has been training hard for this fateful day. His aim? To ascend as the mightiest mage, the Magic Emperor. But here’s the twist — he’s utterly devoid of any magical ability, a fact that seems destined to crush his dreams. 

Can he secure a grimoire? Will he be able to achieve his dream? Tune in to witness the unfolding……

Why you should watch:

Black Clover goes beyond mere action, weaving a tapestry of well-paced humor, emotional depth, and heartwarming moments. It serves as a constant reminder of your intrinsic value and the unwavering importance of perseverance, even when faced with the harshest realities.

“Even If You Think You Might Lose, You’ll Be Fine As Long As You Don’t Give Up. Surpass Your Limits. The Path Will Open Up For You.”

36) Yakusoku no Neverland (The Promised Neverland)

MAL: Season 1 – 12 episodes (8.50), Season 2 – 11 episodes (5.29)

If you are looking for a ThRiLlInG aDvEnTuRe, Promised Neverland is the one for you.

TRUST ME! This anime is best dived into without knowing the context of the situation.

Kids in Grace Field House

Kids in Grace Field House

What’s it about: 

“I love this house, and you, Mom!” Cheerful laughter fills the air. Isabella, the caretaker of 38 children, smiles kindly as she watches them playfully race about. Grace Field House embodies the P e R f E c T image of an idyllic and warm home for anyone……

Being nurtured with love and care, the children of Grace Field house are extremely smart. Other than their daily household responsibilities, they engage in a regular examination to test their intellectual capabilities. Whether it may be mathematics, information analysis or imaginative concentration, none pose a challenge to them.

The days spent in the orphanage are filled with joy, warmth, and memorable moments. However, inherent to the nature of an orphanage, departure is inevitable.

“I’ll write a lot of letters for sure!” A quote that every adopted kid would mention at their last goodbye.

Yet strangely, there was never any news to be heard.

“Has everyone forgotten about us?”

Why you should watch:

Promised Neverland excels in crafting a narrative that’s rich in foreshadowing and subtle build-ups, all leading to jaw-dropping plot twists. These intricacies are so expertly woven that you may find yourself astounded by revelations you never saw coming. You would never have guessed kids these young could come up with such astounding techniques and strategies. Their IQ levels are so high you would wish you had them. 

The relentless suspense and continuous surprises within Promised Neverland create an electrifying and intense experience, one that demands courage from those who dare to embark on this thrilling journey. 

BUT …  BE WARNED…Major plot developments were left out in Season 2. 

To quench your thirst for the full story, you’ll want to continue with the manga after savoring Season 1, starting from Chapter 38 (Volume 5).

37) Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (That time I got reincarnated as a slime)– TenSura

MAL: Season 1 – 24 episodes (8.14), Season 2 part 1 – 12 episodes (8.38), Season 2 part 2 – 12 episodes (8.33), OVA – 5 episodes (7.49), Side series: TenSura Nikki – 12 episodes (7.59), Movie – 1 episode (7.64), Season 3 – upcoming

WHAT??? A SLIME? That weak low-level mob for beginners to hunt. How unlucky can you be to reincarnate as a slime?

Well…. Think again, because Rimuru ain’t just any ordinary slime. But a MONSTER!

Rimuru and Rigurd

Rimuru and Rigurd

What’s it about: 

Satoru Mikami’s life came to a tragic end when he was brutally murdered on the streets of Japan. However, in the intricate process of dying and reincarnating, he finds himself inhabiting the form of a slime, equipped with an unique skill known as “Predator.”

With this extraordinary ability, he can assimilate the skills and appearances of whatever he devours. Watching his progress is an entertaining spectacle as he traverses this fantastical realm, steadily accumulating an array of skills. He eventually meets the storm dragon, Veldora and forms a brotherly pact with him. 

In commemoration of this profound bond, Satoru is bestowed with his new name, Rimuru Tempest, sharing a family name with Veldora as Tempest. This connection would also set in motion a significant chain of events, setting off a series of consequential occurrences, one after the other.

Why you should watch:

TenSura introduces a refreshing take to the Isekai genre. Instead of a stereotypical hero or warrior character, it invites you to embark on a remarkable journey with an unassuming slime. What can a slime, the weakest mob in existence, even do? Won’t he just get killed? 

This is where Rimuru’s unique skill, Predator, comes into play. Adding an element of unpredictability, keeping you wondering “What’s Next?”. With a cheerful personality and a heartfelt desire for peaceful coexistence in a new world, Rimuru faces formidable challenges as a monster with human values. His character development takes fascinating twists and turns as he influences those around him.

TenSura prompts you to reflect on the ethical boundaries that blur the distinction between the moral compasses of both humans and monsters. What truly defines justice in this complex and interconnected world?

38) Kumo desu ga, Nanika? (So I’m a Spider, So What?)

MAL: Season 1 – 24 episodes (7.45)


“If I have to reincarnate, why did it have to be a spider ?!”

This is completely unfair, wouldn’t you agree?



What’s it about: 

The narrative follows the parallel journeys of 2 main individuals, Kumoko and Schlain Zagan Analeit.

Upon awakening, Kumoko, formerly known as Wakaba Hiiro, found herself surrounded by her siblings cannibalizing one another. Trapped in a labyrinth of powerful monsters, Kumoko desperately employs any means of survival. Even if it involves eating disgusting tasting meat and using forbidden skills. 

Meanwhile, Schlain, also known as Yamada Shunsuke, leads a rather peaceful life growing up as the fourth prince of the Kingdom of Analeit. However, tranquility quickly erodes as he unravels the unsettling truths of the world around him. The paths of the two slowly intertwine and connect as one. When the former classmates meet again, how will they react to their current dispositions.

If you are interested to read on, you may choose to purchase the light novel. This is the best way to support your favorite authors.

Why you should watch:

“Kumoko desu ga, Nanika?” introduces viewers to a refreshing approach to storytelling. As compared to the chaotic and amusing spider, the human perspective may seem dry and boring. However, it gives interesting insights and adds depth to the story plot. This duality challenges you to gather subtle hints from these distinct viewpoints and gradually piece together the puzzle.

The dual storytelling method immerses you in an intriguing guessing game, where you question the true state of the world. Who is the ultimate adversary? What secrets do the forbidden skills hold? It’s as if you’re an active participant in the adventure, working to unveil the world’s enigmatic secrets.

What are you waiting for? Hop on to explore the world together with this lovable Kumoko!

39) Akatsuki no Yona (Yona of the Dawn)

MAL: Season 1 – 24 episodes (8.03), OVA – 3 episodes (8.10)

What would you do if the one you loved and trusted the most betrays you?

Hak and Yona

Hak and Yona

What’s it about: 

Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestries of ancient China, Korea, and Japan, Akatsuki no Yona unveils the tale of Yona, the royal heir of the Kouka Kingdom. On her 16th birthday, her life takes a tragic turn as she bears witness to the betrayal of her cousin and unrequited love, Soo-Won. Fleeing with Hak, her loyal personal bodyguard and childhood friend, they narrowly escape the clutches of relentless Fire Tribe soldiers.

Recognizing that she and Hak can’t face these perilous challenges alone, Yona heeds the counsel of Ik-Soo, a wandering priest. She embarks on a journey to seek the aid of the legendary Four Dragon Warriors, knowing that her path will be fraught with trials and adventures that will forever reshape her destiny.

Why you should watch:

Betrayal hurts the most, leaving deep scars that can haunt us for a lifetime. Akatsuki no Yona takes us on a poignant journey where we witness Yona’s remarkable resilience. Rather than succumbing to the weight of negative emotions, she harnesses the pain as an unyielding force for self-improvement. 

Yona’s profound transformation doesn’t stop with her, though; it touches the lives of those she encounters on her journey. Her journey is an inspiring testament to the strength that can be found in the face of betrayal, showcasing the extraordinary impact one person can have on an entire world. It’s a story of resilience and redemption that captivates the heart and soul.

40) Dororo (2019)

MAL: Season 1 – 24 episodes (8.25)

With all your body parts stolen, you are thrown into the wild, abandoned and alone.

What would you do? Without any body parts, what can you even do?

Hyakkimaru and Dororo

Hyakkimaru and Dororo

What’s it about: 

In a desperate bid to secure prosperity for his land, Lord Kagemitsu Daigo made a sinister pact with demons, offering his own son as the price. Left for dead in the wilderness, the child, Hyakkimaru, defied the odds, surviving his harrowing ordeal despite losing nearly every body part. Accompanied by the resourceful Dororo, Hyakkimaru sets forth on his journey to reclaim what was once his. 

Eventually, the time will come for the father and son to face each other again. How will Hyakkimaru react? Tune in to find out. 

Why you should watch:

Dororo (2019) weaves a tale that echoes the age-old proverb, ‘what goes around comes around.’ It’s a powerful reminder of the importance of treating others with respect, as the consequences of one’s actions are bound to catch up with them

The series also skillfully delves into the moral quandary presented by Lord Kagemitsu’s actions, making us contemplate a classic ethical dilemma – the trolley problem. Can we fault someone for sacrificing one to save many? 

The narrative serves as a witness of how diverse backgrounds influence people’s perspective of what is right and just. It’s a moral minefield where no one is completely right, and no one is entirely wrong. But when the time comes, someone’s gotta make that tough call. What will yours be?

41) Tate no Yūsha no Nariagari (The rising of the shield hero)

MAL: Season 1 – 25 episodes (7.97), Season 2 – 13 episodes (6.54), Season 3 – 12 episodes (7.44)

Discrimination knows no bounds. However, the battle for equality is just at its beginning for Naofumi Iwatani.

Raphtalia, Naofumi, and Filo

Raphtalia, Naofumi, and Filo

What’s it about: 

With a sudden flash of light, Naofumi finds himself teleported into an unknown space with a weird shield attached to his right arm. Alongside him are three other youths, each wielding a different weapon – a bow, a sword, and a spear. These four are destined to become the kingdom’s Cardinal Heroes, its saviors.

However, harsh reality sets in quickly as Naofumi faces the cruel discrimination reserved for the Shield Hero. Discrimination and mistrust plague his path, leaving him isolated and with no one to rely on. Undeterred, he decides to embrace his role as the Shield Hero and confront every challenge head-on, learning to trust no one but himself.

Why you should watch:

In today’s society, discrimination is abundant. Everyone wears a mask to blend into the crowd of what the majority thinks to be normal. Once you get singled out, it is as though you entered a hell hole that’s hard to climb out of. 

Rising of the Shield Hero emerges as a thought-provoking reflection on these societal struggles. The story resonates with the all-too-familiar experience of being ostracized for being different. Naofumi’s remarkable character evolution as he battles prejudice is a powerful testament to the agonizing toll of discrimination.

As we navigate our own world’s complexities, this anime serves as a reminder of the strength we possess to rise above discrimination’s challenges. If you find yourself drowning in the depths of the dark sea, remember that your worth transcends the biases of others. Join Naofumi on his quest for justice and self-discovery, and discover a narrative that speaks to the enduring spirit within us all

42) Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (Starting Life in Another World )

MAL: Season 1 – 25 episodes (8.23), Season 2 part 1 – 13 episodes (8.34), Season 2 part 2 – 12 episodes (8.44), Movie: Memory Snow – 1 episode (7.57)

If you have the chance to redo your life, what will you change?

Subaru, Rem, and EmiliaSubaru, Rem, and Emilia

What’s it about: 

Out of nowhere, Natsuki Subaru finds himself transported into another world. HWith boundless enthusiasm, he immerses himself in this newfound world, where he chances upon a beautiful half-elf who introduces herself as Satella. Eager to repay her kindness, Subaru offers his help to retrieve her lost insignia; an essential token for the royal election. 

Yet, their pursuit quickly takes a dark turn. After meeting a tragic end, Subaru is thrust into a bewildering cycle of death and rebirth, aptly named “Return by Death.” Determined to protect his newfound friends, he dives head first into formidable adversaries, clinging onto even the slightest possibility of hope.

Why you should watch:

Re:Zero explores an interesting concept with the ability, “Return by Death”. People are born with many imperfections. Everyone is prone to making mistakes. Regrets continue to pile up higher and higher so much that the ability to redo your past seems like a dream.

However, for Subaru it may seem like a curse. With each and every attempt, the traumatic experiences slowly eat away at his mental stability, driving him into insanity. Without anyone to confide his pain with there is only so much he can do alone. Yet, he continues to stand up over and over again.

The story reminds us that it’s okay to fail. It’s okay to fall down and make mistakes. After all, failure is the mother of success. As long as we keep an open mind, learn and improve from our setbacks, we can rise again stronger than before.

43) Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World (Kino’s journey)

MAL: Season 1 (2003 ver.) – 13 episodes (8.29), Remake (2017 ver.) – 12 episodes (7.60)

A person once said, “TO TRAVEL IS TO LIVE”. Traveling is a passion that stirs the soul, opening up a world of mysteries to discover. 

If you resonate with this passion, consider embarking on Kino’s Journey

Kino and Hermes

Kino and Hermes

What’s it about: 

For a passionate traveler like you, do you have any strange traveling habits? Why don’t you name some for me?

1……, 2……, 3……, times up! Got any? Yeah, I am sure you do. Even if you don’t, Kino has one to share with you.

According to Kino’s policy, one is to only stay 3 days in every town without exception. The span of 3 days is perfect to learn about a new place before moving onto another. A principle that allows them to observe the diverse societies they encounter without becoming entangled. Following this basic rule of thumb, Kino travels around the world with the aid of her talking motorrad, Hermes. What better traveling companion could she even ask for?

Why you should watch:

As they journey to different towns, you get to explore different possibilities of what the world would look like if certain parts of today’s society were structured differently. Kino no tabi explores themes of human nature, morality, and societal structures, often presenting dilemmas and philosophical questions in each new destination. 

What if humans could never lie? What if humans could only feel positive emotions? What if …… What if …… What if …… There are a thousand possibilities to them but there is only one you. Now set forth on your adventure, it’s all up to you to find out what Kino’s world has in store for us. 

44) Tondemo Skill de Isekai Horou Meshi (Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill)

MAL: Season 1 – 12 episodes (7.67)

An adventure is never complete without GOOD FOOD!!!

Tsuyoshi Mukouda, Fel, and Sui

Tsuyoshi Mukouda, Fel, and Sui

What’s it about: 

Indulging in the comforts of home-cooked food while traveling is an experience that feels nothing short of heavenly. Life without good food is dull and meaningless. 

Salaryman Tsuyoshi Mukouda finds himself summoned into another world with a perplexing skill: Net Supermarket.With this extraordinary ability, he can procure everyday products you’d typically find in a Japanese supermarket at an astonishingly low cost. In a world where culinary innovation lags behind, his supermarket finds become the ultimate luxury.

With this skill, Mukouda conjures up an array of delectable dishes. The tantalizing aroma of sizzling meat wafts through the air, capturing the attention of a peculiar onlooker.

“Holy cow! Behind… behind you!”

A colossal fenrir looms behind him, emanating its majestic presence.

“Let me eat that too!”

Why you should watch:

There isnt much more to explain, is there?

If you are a digger for good food, this show is the one for you. Nothing is more rewarding than looking at the sizzling meat juices flowing out as they get cooked or how the thick and savory gravy gets poured on top of the rice. This anime offers a feast for your eyes, tantalizing your taste buds with sumptuous visuals and enchanting aromas, all while celebrating the art of cooking

It’s a mouthwatering adventure that reminds us that, in the end, it’s not just about what’s on the plate but the experiences and emotions it evokes, making it a truly satisfying watch for all.

45) Somali to Mori no Kamisama (Somali and the Forest Spirit)

MAL: Season 1 – 12 episodes (7.82)

Nobody’s life is eternal. Inevitably, there will come a time when you must bid farewell to this world. Whether it may be your own departure or that of another, the fear of parting from your loved ones is never easy. Nevertheless, everyone will need to confront these difficult emotions one day.

Have you already faced such situations? Or are you currently in the midst of one?

If you can empathize with that sense of anguish, consider watching “Somali to Mori no Kamisama”.

Somali and the Golem

Somali and the Golem

What’s it about: 

A loud commotion was heard in the usually quiet and peaceful forest. The golem walks towards the direction of the sound, only to find a human baby surrounded by curious onlookers. 

In a world where humans were prosecuted to almost extinction, humans are a rare sight. The golem assumes the role of the human’s caretaker, and sets off on a journey to find her parents.

However, a cruel fate lies before them. The golem is reaching the end of its lifespan. Unbeknownst to the young girl, Somali, they continue on with their “journey to say goodbye”. How will Somali face the golem when she reaches the end of her journey? 

Why you should watch:

Beyond the touching and heart wrenching narrative, “Somali to Mori no Kamisama” teaches us a lot of important lessons about empathy, the importance of parental love, and cherishing the small everyday moments.

Although we are never able to choose the environment and family we are born into, we need to persevere through these hard times. Life is full of ups and downs, but if we stay positive, we can control the sweetness that life brings us. May you embrace life to its fullest till the very last seconds on the countdown.

46) Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin (Nanana’s Buried Treasure)

MAL: Season 1 – 12 episodes (7.12), Special – 6 episodes (6.51)

Imagine stepping into your new house only to discover an unexpected resident – a lingering ghost confined to the space of the room.

What would you do? Run? Or attempt to strike a conversation?

Nanana and JuugoNanana and Juugo

What’s it about: 

Disowned and exiled by his family, Juugo Yama finds a new lease of life on the man-made island, also known as Nanae Island. However, upon entering his newly rented apartment room, he finds himself face to face with a girl with a unique situation. 

The girl, Nanana, is a ghost bound to the room after her unsolved murder 10 years ago. Being the new resident of the special room, Juugo slowly becomes entwined in her story, growing his curiosity and compassion for her plight.

As layers of the story unfold, he discovers that Nanana is no ordinary ghost. She is the founder of Nanae Island and has hid many of her treasures in hidden dungeons scattered across the island. In his quest for answers, Juugo dives into dungeons after dungeons, hoping to find clues that might bring the mystery to light.

Why you should watch:

Talking about dungeons, you would think of puzzles and problem solving. An inseparable 3 in 1 package. If you are a fan of perplexing puzzles, this might be the anime you are looking for.

In today’s modern society, life can seem dull and meaningless. However, it is actually no different than a puzzle game; filled with challenges for you to overcome. Yet, in the midst of growing up in life we often forget to have fun and become fearful of chasing after our dreams.

Nanana reminds us that it’s okay to have fun while learning. It’s okay even if you find yourself stuck with a problem that seems never ending. Even the hardest puzzles have a solution. It all depends on you to piece the puzzles together in order to see the big picture. 

Join Juugo to solve the mysteries of Nanae Island today! 

47) Kami no Tō  (Tower of God)

MAL: Season 1 – 13 episodes (7.55)

One day your BEST FRIEND comes up to you and says, “Forget about me”, then disappears into the darkness. 

Won’t you be devastated? Lost and confused?

Rachel and Bam

Bam and Rachel

What’s it about: 

Bam has lived his oblivious life outside the tower with only one friend by his side. With no visible living existence on the outside, the companionship of his ONE AND ONLY friend was precious. Yet……

“I’m sorry. I’m climbing the tower”

“Don’t leave me, Rachel!”

The sudden loss left Bam hopeless and in despair. But all is not lost. An unknown presence invites Bam into the tower. A mysterious tower that is said to be able to fulfill any wish you may have. However, there are no free meals in this world. To climb the tower, one needs to put their life on the line to overcome a test on each floor. 

For what do you risk your life to climb the tower? Whatever it may be, the answer can always be found at the top of the tower.

Bam, a clueless nobody, with no power or knowledge. How will he climb the tower? Will Bam be able to reunite with his friend, Rachel? Watch Tower of God to find out!

Why you should watch:

Tower of God depicts a narrative reflective of our real world. When we are young, we dream of ourselves pursuing many different paths. Despite the many obstacles we face, we fall down, climb back up, and try to challenge again. In the process, we make many friends that may support or pull us down, witnessing the transformations within ourselves. 

As we age, we discover the moral complexity of the world, revealing its inherent unfairness and injustice. Every action we make may result in butterfly effects and serious consequences. Yet, undeterred, we persist in our battle for a better tomorrow, with each step bringing us closer to our ultimate destination.

48) No Game No Life

MAL: Season 1 – 12 episodes (8.07), Movie – 1 episode (8.19), Specials – 6 episodes (6.76)

Ever wished life was as simple as playing fun games everyday? Well, it’s not an outlandish fantasy …

Welcome to Disboard! A world where games dictate the law and forms the very fabric of your daily life.

Hate your job regulations? Play a game. Hate schoolwork? Play a game. Want to be king? Play a game. Indeed, if you have any dissatisfaction, just play a game; your solution to all problems.

What are you waiting for? Let’s play a game RIGHT NOW. After all, if there is No Game, there’s No Life.

Sora and Shiro (Blank)Sora and Shiro (Blank)

What’s it about: 

“The world is just a crappy game”

Ostracized from modern society, the pair of genius siblings spend their daily lives as NEETs. Despite their dismissal of the world’s significance, their intellectual prowess knows no bounds. Deep within the realm of games, they earned themselves the fame as the undefeated gamer, “Blank”.

One day, Sora and Shiro receive a mysterious email. With a chain of events, they find themselves thrown into a new world by an unknown god, Tet.

“Welcome to my world!” 

“This is the ideal world you’ve always dreamed of.”

“The world on a game board: Disboard!”

Everything in this world is decided by simple games, governed by 10 absolute pledges. Left stranded in the middle of nowhere, the duo sets forth on their adventure to conquer the world of games. Watch as they unravel the mysteries of Disboard and climb their way up to face Tet again.

The 10 Pledges:

Pledge 1: All murder, war, and robbery is forbidden in this world

Pledge 2: All conflict in this world will be resolved through games

Pledge 3: In games, each player will bet something that they agree is of equal value

Pledge 4: As long as it doesn’t go against rule 3, what they bet and the rules of the game will not be questioned.

Pledge 5: The challenged party has the right to decide the rules of the game

Pledge 6: Any bets made in accordance of the pledges must be upheld

Pledge 7: Conflicts between groups will be conducted by designated representatives with absolute authority

Pledge 8: Being caught cheating during a game is grounds for an instant loss

Pledge 9: In the name of God, the previous rules may never be changed

Pledge 10: Lets all have fun and play together

Why you should watch:

You must be thinking how can mere humans phantom the thought of defeating a god? A GOD! The almighty being that transcends all. 

To win a game, one needs to take risks. It’s either you go big or go home!

“No Game No Life” teaches us that sometimes it takes courage to succeed in life. What do you have to lose? What are you so afraid of? It is these negative thoughts that chain us down. We are born with the potential to accomplish big things in life.

You may argue that they are geniuses, but you don’t need to be a genius to be courageous. Now, pluck up your fearless spirit and take your first step into the impossible.

Join Sora and Shiro on their mission to challenge Tet, the one true God. And ……


49) Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear

MAL: Season 1 – 12 episodes (7.23), Season 2 – 12 episodes (7.27)

How can you say no to these irresistibly cuddly furry and gentle bears!


Feel the wrath of these giant beasts with a BIG SOFT HUG! 💓

Yuna, Kumayuru, and Kumakyuu

Yuna, Kumayuru, and Kumakyuu

What’s it about:  

Recognised as an elite player of the game, World Fantasy Online, Yuna was rewarded with a peculiar gift by the game programmers: A set of bear costume and a chance to live in the game world. Other than its cute fluffy outer, this bear set is actually an overpowered gear that brings many unique bear skills and buffs to the owner. 

With minimal ties to the real world, Yuna embraces her new life wholeheartedly. As time goes on, she forges profound bonds and connections, reaching a point where leaving becomes an impossibility.

Why you should watch:

It’s cute. It’s fluffy. It’s Yuna!

There is no need to explain further. This is a lighthearted slice of life adventure that will keep your hearts warm and fuzzy throughout. 

In today’s society, there is no running from people with evil intentions. Despite Yuna’s inclination to close herself off from people in the real world, she becomes entangled in various awkward situations. Unaccustomed to receiving praise and gratitude, she slowly melts into the comforting and kind atmosphere fostered by both Yuna and her companions. 

The world can be cruel in many ways. Yet, love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference. They bless the one who receives them, and they bless you as the giver. A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees. When you create a kind community, you create a positive environment that empowers people.

Be the first candle to light thousands with Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear.

50) Hyakuman no Inochi no Ue ni Ore wa Tatte Iru (I’m standing on a million lives)

MAL: Season 1 – 12 episodes (6.51), Season 2 – 12 episodes (6.80)

“What happens if we all die”

“What, I didn’t tell you?”

“If we all die, we die for real.”

With a chaotic chain of events, Yotsuya’s life takes a sudden turn. Is this a curse or a blessing?

Yuusuke Yotsuya

Yuusuke Yotsuya

What’s it about:  

“Will somebody please tell me what’s going on?”

Swept into a sudden chain of sequence of bizarre occurrences, Yotsuya finds himself lost and confused in another world. Before him stands Shindo, the school’s most popular girl, and Hakozaki, the girl notorious for skipping PE — a peculiar combination that only deepens the mystery. 

The trio are in a virtual world, tasked with a mission to complete within 14 days. Each of them is allocated a job class with game-like stats. As an avid gamer, the news excites Yotsuya into a battle with the globins. However, the capabilities of the skills are way less than what he expected. 

As the story unveils, Yotsuya realizes it’s actually not the first time for the 2 girls. To add on, there seems to be concealed objectives and significance behind these missions. 

What exactly do all these mean? What is the game preparing them for?

Why you should watch:

As the difficulty of each mission increases, teamwork and cooperation is key. After all, there is only so much that a human can achieve alone. However for Yuusuke Yotsuya, a selfish social outcast, it becomes a difficult challenge. He prefers and enjoys solitude. 

Despite his undeniable competence, his attitude sparks conflicts within the party. Inevitably, he will still have to rely on his teammates for help and assistance. Through the watchful guidance of his team, he slowly opens up to them and his twisted dark personality undergoes transformation.

If you are curious to uncover the various secrets of the world, jump into the narrative realm of “I’m standing on a million lives”.



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Start your adventure into the world of adventure anime by watching some of our recommendations. Also, feel free to let us know what your favorite adventure anime is down below.